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360 Feedbacks with The Most Employee-Friendly 360-Degree Feedback Tool

Create Quick and Reliable 360 Evaluation With High Completion Rates


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What is 360 degree feedback?

360-degree feedback, also known as 360-degree assessment, is a comprehensive way to gather employee development insights. Unlike traditional appraisals, 360-degree appraisal involves gathering input from various sources to provide a complete view of an employee's performance. Ratings are collected from peers, supervisors, direct reports, and sometimes even customers or clients. The 360-degree feedback method offers a quick and effective assessment of an employee's performance. The approach encourages teamwork, professional growth and open communication between different levels of employees.

One Solution For All Your 360 Degree Feedback Needs


Training Needs Identification

Identify An Employee’s Gaps In Skills And Personality Traits As Perceived By Other Stakeholders


High-Potential Identification

Identify High-Potential Employees Who Possess Extraordinary Intellect, Agility and Leadership


Performance Appraisal

Gain a Holistic Perspective On Employees Before Undertaking Appraisal Exercises


Succession planning

Utilize 360-degree evaluation to underline the organizations competency levels, identify potential and plan successors.

Our 360 Feedback System Is Easy-To-Use, Fully Customizable And Offer Highly Insightful Reports

Maximise Completion Rates Using An Easy And Seamless 360-Degree Feedback Software


A Seamless User Experience

Our Platform Ensures Seamless End-to-end Setting-Up of Surveys

A 360 Degree Feedback Tool That Makes Life Easy for All Stakeholders


A Seamless Experience For Administrators

Administer And Track Your 360 Feedback Project With Ease

  • Analytical dashboards to track the success of your project

  • Bulk upload employee details in one go

  • Use pre-built templates to expedite your surveys

  • Auto-schedule ad-hoc reminders

  • One-click data downloads and reports distribution


A Seamless Experience For Employees

Provide Feedback On the Fly, Anytime, Anywhere

  • Fill your surveys on desktops, mobiles, tablets, etc. as per your convenience

  • Non-completed surveys are auto-saved so that your valuable feedback is not lost

  • You get one consolidated email with all the required information to fill surveys


Industry-Leading 360 Feedback Reports That Are Insightful And Easy-To-Understand

Identify Gaps in Perception Across Self, Managers, Peers and Others

  • A Detailed Competency Summary

  • Personal Development Plan

  • Open-Ended Feedback

  • Powerful Customization

Our 360 Feedback Software is Easy to Set Up, With Everything Customizable According to Your Organization

Our 360 Feedback Software is Easy to Set Up, With Everything Customizable According to Your Organization


Research-Backed Exhaustive Competency Question Library Available


Easy-To-Setup Customizable Automated Email Templates


Leverage Our Team of World-Class Psychometricians


Upload Complete Employee Details At One Go

Ensure Great Employee Experience And Maximise Completion Rates Through An Easy And Seamless 360 Feedback System


Fully Customizable Emails To Get A Personal Touch

Customize All Your Employee Communication Along With Company Branding


Mobile-Friendly Interface To Take Surveys Anytime, Anywhere

Fill Surveys As Per Your Convenience On Your Mobile Phone


Autosave Option So That You Don't Lose Any Data

Surveys Are Autosaved So You Can Complete Them On the Go


Auto-Generated Reminders; No Need To Follow-Up

Send Easy-To-Configure Custom Reminders

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Empower Employees With Actionable Insights Using Their 360 Degree Reviews

Here is a Sneak Peek At Our Detailed Customizable Reports

Gain Actionable insights:

  • Strengths

  • Areas Of Improvement

  • Hidden Strengths

  • Blind Spots


Empower Employees With Actionable Insights Using Their 360 Degree Reviews

Here is a Sneak Peek At Our Detailed Customizable Reports

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How Mercer | Mettl 360 Degree Feedback Tool Works

Select Template & Add Participants

  • Choose from our pre-built survey template library

    where all templates have been prepared by our in-house experts

  • Get custom templates

    made according to the competency framework needed for your unique requirement

  • Bulk upload or individually add

    survey participants for effortless management

Why Mercer | Mettl's 360 Degree Feedback System is Best in the Industry


Unmatched Employee Experience

A Platform So Seamless, Users Have No Reason To Delay Filling Up The Surveys


Insightful Reports

Real-time, Action-oriented Reports Benchmarked To Pre-Defined Ratings


Quick Setup, Easy To Use

Hassle-Free And Intuitive Platform Which Requires Zero Training


Experience Across Industries And GEOs

Go The Extra Mile With Our Years Of Expertise in Behavioral Science


Impeccable 24*7 Support

We Are There For You, Always


Personalized Development Plan

Choose Your Rating Scale | Personalise Questionnaires | Benchmarked To Pre-selected Data

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

360 degree feedback works by gathering ratings from multiple stakeholders associated with the feedback recipient. A set of survey statements/questions are shared among raters to evaluate the candidates on competencies relevant to their job roles/positions. 360 feedback helps measure behavioral skills, interpersonal skills, domain knowledge, and more.

360 degree feedback allows a holistic evaluation of performance and potential by involving multiple stakeholders in the review process. Advantages of 360 degree feedback also include:

  • Removal of biases in assessment
  • Identification of training needs
  • Focus on learning and development for the feedback recipient
  • Overall efficiency in performance management at the workplace

360 degree feedback is a developmental tool used in holistic professional assessment. It is rolled out in the form of a survey where feedback-givers rate the feedback-seekers. These ratings are based on parameters related to relevant skills, competencies and behaviors. Results from the survey help create insightful reports covering individuals' hidden strengths, developmental areas, blind spots, etc.

A 360 feedback survey collects responses from multiple perspectives. It helps measure:

  • Professional skills and competencies
  • Behavioral traits necessary to perform in a role
  • Perceptions about the employee
  • Subjective areas like leadership qualities, ability to work in a team and communication effectiveness
  • Performance of the employee in specific work scenarios and roles

The purpose of 360 degree feedback is to ensure an all-round evaluation of an individual. The process guarantees this holistic approach by gathering inputs from a variety of sources who are professionally associated with the feedback-seeker. Supervisors, direct reports, peers and external sources like clients participate in such a review. Together, it culminates into an unbiased, 360 degree analysis.

The 360 degree feedback process unfolds in three core stages. First, it is designed using a set of competencies and templates relevant to an organization's objectives. The organization then selects a platform to execute the survey and track its progress. Finally, the responses are collected and analyzed. The latter helps formulate extensive developmental plans for the survey-seekers.

A 360 degree feedback is vital when organizations need to adopt a holistic approach for performance review, training needs identification, succession planning, leadership development, etc. The process offers all-round insights by encouraging ratings from several sources including managers, subordinates, colleagues, clients, business associates, etc. It is also important for identifying hidden strengths and blind spots in employee performance and behavior.

If not conducted in the right way, 360 degree feedback can have a few disadvantages such as:

  • Raters may be tempted to focus on highlighting negative aspects of the feedback-seeker.
  • If the workplace environment is unhealthy, the process may garner dishonest reviews.
  • In some cases, leaders may mistake 360 degree feedback for criticism.
  • It is a time-consuming process.