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The Mercer | Mettl Story

Our mission is to enable organisations to build winning teams by taking credible people decisions across two key areas, talent acquisition, and development.

What We Do?

Our research-backed assessments, efficient cloud platform, and in-depth analytics help us deliver transformative results for our clients and their employees. We create customized assessments across the employee lifecycle, including pre-hiring screening, candidate skills assessment, training, and development programs for employees/students, certification exams, contests and beyond.

Online Talent Assessments

Online Talent Assessments

Recruitment and L&D Solutions

Recruitment and L&D Solutions

Exams, Certifications & Proctoring

Exams, Certifications & Proctoring





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Siddhartha Gupta

Note from Our CEO

We at Mercer Mettl measure talent to help companies Build Winning Teams! It’s our firm belief that for companies to survive & thrive in this disrupted world, the only possible way is to Hire, Develop and Engage the sharpest talent and give them the freedom to rethink every process of value creation.

That's where Mercer Mettl comes in as the Talent measurement expert with its proven ability to curate and administer assessments that measure knowledge, skill, cognition, and behavior needed in the context of the job role, company, industry, and geography.

We endeavor to build brilliant but straightforward solutions on the cloud that are taken to the Global markets by some of the sharpest minds in the business.

-Siddhartha Gupta

The Mercer | Mettl Journey

Founded in 2010 by Ketan Kapoor & Tonmoy Shingal, from Mettl to Mercer | Mettl, here is our journey.


Ketan Kapoor


Tonmoy Shingal

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Mercer I Mettl Appoints New CEO

Siddhartha Gupta appointed new CEO of Mercer | Mettl; the company embarks on rapid global expansion while further strengthening market leadership in India


Mercer I Mettl Appoints New CEO

Siddhartha Gupta appointed new CEO of Mercer | Mettl; the company embarks on rapid global expansion while further strengthening market leadership in India


Mercer Acquires Mettl

Mettl got acquired by Mercer, a global consulting leader in advancing health, wealth, and career, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies (NYSE: MMC), the leading global professional services firm in the areas of risk, strategy and people.


Mettl Dark Personality Profiler (MDPI) Launch

Mettl has created a dark personality trait inventory that contains 6 dark traits: Opportunism, Self-Obsession, Insensitivity, Temperamental, Impulsiveness and Thrill-Seeking. Mettl Dark Personality Inventory (MDPI) aims to measure negative personality constructs in potential hires (during the hiring process) and existing employees. Through this personality diagnostic, we also aim to contribute to a greater goal of ensuring safety at workplaces.


Mettl Personality Profiler (MPP) Launch

Succeeding the Mettl Personality Inventory (MPI), MPP comes as a unique variant of its predecessor. It came into fruition with the involvement of an in-house team of psychometricians with 40+ years of combined experience, and over 100 subject matter experts. It rates highly on both validity and reliability.


India Emerging Twenty (IE20)

We started 2017 strong by ranking within India Emerging Twenty (IE20), created by London & Partners and launched by the Mayor of London. IE20 was tasked to discover 20 of India's most innovative and high-growth companies with global aspirations. We're proud to be part of the elite list.


Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE) DGT Affiliation

31 December 2016, we closed the year by heroically nabbing one of the biggest affiliations there is in terms of government organisations with the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE) DGT for the Skill Development Initiative (SDI) in India as an assessment body.


50K Assessments in One Day

November marked a major milestone in terms of our platform robustness. We hosted 50,000 assessments in total, in a single day. The platform ran smoothly by design, and not one assessment faced any problems. A monumental milestone in our Mettl history.


Virtual Classroom Proctoring

In many iterations, this approach at innovation has come to become what we know today as our Remote Proctoring Technology; a bleeding-edge tool for invigilation that enables candidates or employees to test remotely with both authenticity and security. Thanks to our efforts here, organisations can now host assessments without the need for physical test centers or proctors.


Mettl Launches It’s Online Certification Platform

Mettl's Online certification program makes it easy, intuitive and effective to create and conduct certificate exams on the cloud. It provides a secure, flexible platform that enables companies to efficiently deliver online IT and other certification programs to candidates around the world.


Mettl Launches It’s Online Proctoring Platform

How can a proctor manage online testers and prevent them from cheating? Using technology, of course. Mettl, an India-based startup, has come to Silicon Valley with automated, algorithm-based techniques for netting cheaters that the company claims are even more sophisticated and foolproof than previous options


The Mettl Team Hits 50

Mettl hits another milestone with the addition of its 50th team member


Mettl Wins Top Startup Award At TiEcon

We are awarded as one of the top 50 startups in the world by TiE


Mettl Is Mentioned in the New York Times

Thomas Friedman describes Mettl as "The most interesting I.T. project I came across [in India]" in his Op-Ed column for the New York Times. Friedman notes Mettl's "proctoring program for Internet-based distance learning so a young person in a remote Indian village could be reliably tested on a body of knowledge and the teacher given immediate feedback."


Mettl Introduces Business Case Study Simulator

Mettl, India's leading online skill assessment platform, has introduced an innovative new tool to its successful lineup. The company's new case study simulator aims to bring case study methodology to online assessments. Testers can simply log on to the Mettl platform and participate in the treasure hunt, better described as the gamification of a business case problem, upon invitation from a participating company or institution.


Mettl Raises $4m Funding

Mettl, an online skills assessment platform based out of India, has raised $4 million in a Series A round led by Indo-US and existing investors to accelerate product development. Vani Kola, MD at IndoUS will join the board of the company.


Mettl Receives $350,000 Angel Investment From Blume Ventures

Mettl's veteran team receives the VC mark of trust from Blume Ventures with a $350,000 angel investment. Expectations are high as more and more industries are shifting their focus to online platforms.

Awards & Honors


Top 50 Startups in the World with Tie50 2013 Award

TiE50 is TiE Silicon Valley's premier annual awards program keenly contested by thousands of early-stage technology startups worldwide.


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