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Company Secretary Aptitude Test to determine suitability for secretarial roles

The Aptitude Test for Company Secretary is a pre-employment assessment for recruiters and hiring managers seeking an objective candidate evaluation. It proves helpful when hiring company secretaries. This specialised evaluation enables the accurate assessment of essential on-the-job skills required for secretarial, administrative, and office assistants.

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Inside this Company Secretary Aptitude Assessment

The Company Secretary Assessment is a pre-employment cognitive test to assess candidates' essential competencies and skills required for success as a Company Secretary. This assessment thoroughly assesses proficiency in four distinct areas: reasoning aptitude, quantitative aptitude, verbal skills, and email writing. 

The reasoning aptitude section is geared toward understanding and analysing candidates' logical thinking abilities. It presents questions involving linear and ranking arrangements, directions, puzzles, deduction, interpretation, inference, evaluation of arguments, recognition of assumptions, and image-based attention to detail. This section analyses candidates' analytical and problem-solving capabilities, which are invaluable in handling complex corporate scenarios. 

The quantitative aptitude section includes numerical proficiency questions, covering topics like percentages, ratios, profit and loss, averages, mixtures, permutations, combinations, and probability. By evaluating candidates' quantitative aptitude, hiring managers can assess their suitability for performing calculations, interpreting financial data, and making informed decisions. 

Verbal ability constitutes another essential part of the Company Secretary Recruitment Test, evaluating candidates' linguistic understanding and communication skills. This section addresses fill-in-the-blank exercises, sentence correction, error identification, paragraph arrangement, synonyms, antonyms, and reading comprehension. Additionally, the email writing section evaluates a candidate's ability to effectively convey information while adhering to standard email writing conventions and maintaining professionalism. 

These competencies collectively provide a comprehensive insight into a candidate's cognitive capabilities and help determine their suitability for the Company Secretary position. 

  • Total questions: 47 
  • Test duration: 60 minutes 


The position of Company Secretary holds significance within an organisation. Company Secretaries assume various administrative responsibilities to facilitate the efficient operation of the business, ensuring the implementation of essential official processes. Their success rests on clear and precise communication, strategic planning, effective prioritisation, time optimisation, and meticulous attention to detail. 

The complexities and responsibilities of this position necessitate a profound understanding of corporate governance, adherence to legal frameworks, and strong business acumen. 

It is no surprise that employers are in search of individuals capable of handling intricate corporate situations, overseeing regulatory compliance, and ensuring seamless operational continuity. However, identifying candidates with this specific skill set is no mean feat. These roles demand a combination of financial acumen, legal expertise, critical thinking, and communication proficiency. 

As a result, employers looking to evaluate candidates for secretarial roles can administer the Company Secretary Aptitude Test as a pre-employment screening tool. This assessment identifies the most suitable applicants by assessing reasoning aptitude, quantitative aptitude, verbal skills, and email writing proficiency. 

The test offers an in-depth evaluation of cognitive capabilities to find ideal candidates who can excel in the dynamic and demanding field of company secretaryship, ensuring their smooth integration into the organisation and continued success in the role. 

Company Secretary Aptitude Assessment Competency Framework

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Aptitude Test for Company Secretary Competencies Under Scanner

Aptitude Test for Company Secretary


Reasoning aptitude

Questions within this section cover topics related to reasoning aptitude, including linear arrangement, ranking arrangement, puzzles, directions, deduction, inference, interpretation, evaluation of arguments, recognition of assumptions, and attention to detail (image-based).

Quantitative aptitude

This section covers questions related to quantitative aptitude: percentage, ratio and proportion, profit and loss, averages, mixture and alligations, permutation and combination, and probability.

Verbal ability

Questions in this section extend across these topics: fill-in-the-blank, sentence correction, spot the error, para jumbles, synonyms, antonyms, and reading comprehension.

Email writing

This section helps assess applicants' proficiency in email writing, focusing on their skills to present information clearly and professionally through written correspondence.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Company Secretary Aptitude Test is a pre-employment screening undertaken to determine candidates' suitability for secretarial roles. This test assesses various skills, such as problem-solving, verbal, and written communication, time management, and administrative proficiencies. Administering this assessment can help identify an individual's readiness and capability for carrying out tasks and duties typically associated with secretarial roles. 

The test report evaluates candidates' performance in several essential skills and measures them against benchmark scores. It offers an extensive breakdown of the candidate's competency performance, along with personalised recommendations based on weighted average scores. These suggestions are customised to suit particular skill sets and job requirements. 

Certainly, Mercer | Mettl offers a flexible competency mapping process that can be tailored to an organisation's exact requirements. Please do not hesitate to reach out with your inquiry, and the team of experts will gladly offer the required support.