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Accounting associates are expected to have clarity of thought, strong logical reasoning in order to undertake complex calculations, implement research and feasibility studies, manage budgets and resources efficiently and communicate with clients effectively.
Mettl's Aptitude Test for Accounting Jobs is suitable for hiring candidates with 0-1 year of experience with a degree of Bachelors of Commerce, Business Administration, and articles from professional courses like Chartered Accountancy for entry-level roles. The competencies are weighted as per their importance in performing well in the role and are further entailed in:
-  Conceptual knowledge of accountancy and basics of finance
-  Ability to perform under given situations following appropriate approaches
-  General Aptitude skills - Analytical Ability and Problem Solving, Data Interpretation and Verbal Ability

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Key profiles the test is useful for are:

  • Accountant Associates/ Executives
  • Finance/Accounts Trainee
  • Chartered Accountancy - Articles


Test Details:

Number of sections  3
Number of questions 47
Test Duration 60 Mins

NOTE: If required, the test can be offered in other languages as well. Please connect with us for any such requirement.

Section Details:

Accountancy Knowledge Assesses the candidate's conceptual knowledge on Balance Sheets, Accounting Statements, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and other important concepts used in day to day work.
Situational Judgement Test Assesses the functional understanding of the accountant's job process through real-life situational judgement questions.
General Aptitude Test Assesses the ability of an individual to learn, reason, observe and solve problems through evaluating them on competencies like Analytical Ability, Data Interpretation, and Verbal Ability, which are essential for performing well in this role.

Answer to common queries:

What is an accounting test?

An accounting test is a test of a candidate’s ability to evaluate and process numerical and financial information. It helps evaluate a candidate’s problem-solving ability when faced with complex tasks.


What are the most common questions asked in an accounting test? 

Questions in Mettl’s Aptitude Test for Accounting Jobs revolve around evaluating various parameters and skills. It is designed to assess a candidate’s accounting knowledge, which includes testing him/her on balance sheets, accounting principles among other things. Apart from this, candidates are also tested on general aptitude and situational judgement questions.

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Relevant for Industries

  • Banking & finance
  • Insurance
  • Retail

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