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Online Call Center Assessment to identify and hire skilled candidates

The Call Center Assessment by Mercer | Mettl has been designed to help recruiters identify job-ready candidates with the potential and skills required to succeed in the challenging customer service environment. The test effectively evaluates candidates for various skills, including their emotional intelligence, communication skills, growth mindset, technical skills, and more.

Inside this Call Center Assessment

Call center executives provide customer support services and handle customer phone, email, and chat inquiries. With the primary responsibility to aid the customers of the organization and to resolve the issues that they may be facing, the job role of a call center executive includes several duties, like answering questions for customers, providing detailed information about the organization's products or services, assisting with billing issues, handling complaints, and troubleshooting technical issues. Given that the position is a customer-facing role, where these executives act as representatives of the organization, recruiters need to evaluate candidates and identify top talent for hiring successfully.   

Organizations can optimize hiring processes for call center executives with SpeechX, which assesses candidates' ability to listen actively and respond clearly. This Call Center Assessment tool can automatically grade candidates based on specific competencies required by the organization, which can help recruiters identify suitable candidates from a pool of applicants for the open position. The Online Call Center Assessment tool can effectively assess candidates' personality traits to identify individuals with the competencies integral to long-term success as a call center executive. SpeechX is an AI-powered tool gauging candidates' English proficiency, fluency, pronunciation, listening comprehension, and grammar skills. Using this Call Center Assessment tool, recruiters can significantly reduce hiring time. Candidates are graded automatically on the CEFR level, which ranges from A1 for beginners to C2 for experts.


Call centers are innate parts of business operations as they form the primary way organizations engage customers, drive sales efforts, and generate awareness about their products or services. That is where queries are handled, grievances are resolved, and add-on services are offered to customers. Being the first point of contact for an organization, call center executives are expected to have a wide range of skills and competencies. Essential skills for call center executives include interpersonal skills, like self-confidence, patience, empathy, adaptability, openness to diversity, persuasion, decision-making, conflict resolution skills, etc., and cognitive abilities, like learning agility, logical reasoning, multitasking, and attention to detail. Apart from these, call center executives should also have strong communication and technical skills. Evaluating all these competencies and identifying top candidates from numerous applicants can be challenging. To overcome such challenges, recruiters can use an Online Call Center Assessment to screen candidates effectively. The Call Center Assessment can objectively assess whether candidates have the skills, knowledge, and aptitude required to succeed in a client-facing role. SpeechX, a comprehensive and effective tool by Mercer | Mettl, allows recruiters to craft customized assessment tests specific to the organization's needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Call center executives need to stay in control during difficult confrontations. Strategies for handling such situations include staying calm and not reacting or taking things personally, empathizing with the customer, listening closely to their needs, being clear and confident, coming up with innovative solutions, and apologizing if required.

Call center executives should have strong communication skills, technical skills, an understanding of the organization’s products or services, flexibility, a problem-solving mindset, empathy, patience, active listening skills, and an ability to stay organized.

Soft skills are the tools that facilitate interactions between call center professionals and customers, colleagues, or their seniors. Soft skills include competencies like adaptability, work ethic, emotional intelligence, growth mindset, being open to feedback, and having a team player mindset.

Call centers are a channel for vocal communication for customer queries, requests, complaints, or needs for assistance. Call center professionals are responsible for these interactions, handling complaints, and resolving queries.

Call control is a technique that call center professionals can use to extract meaningful information from customers quickly and efficiently for higher productivity.

Good team leaders in call centers should stay connected with all their team members and motivate them to achieve big goals. Good team leaders should also lead by example, take a stand for their team, and be able to keep top talent engaged.

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