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Design Aptitude Test for Assessing Design-centric Skills in Candidates

A design aptitude test is an assessment of the candidates' design and creative ability. This pre-hire test helps employers and recruiters to identify potential talent based on their abstract reasoning, creative thinking, verbal reasoning and detail-oriented skills.

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Inside This Design Aptitude Test

The design aptitude test focuses on uncovering the aptitude and interest of potential candidates who seek a promising career in creative domains such as graphic design, communication design, advertising, etc. The aptitude test for designers is administered to assess their skill, visual perception, design ability, abstract reasoning, creative intelligence, verbal reasoning, and attention to detail. It can be arduous to gauge creative aptitude in a standard way because design professionals have unique specializations in their field. Therefore, the online design aptitude test offers a broad spectrum of assessment possibilities so that employers get a holistic overview of candidates' skill sets.

Importance of Design Aptitude Tests in Hiring Decisions

Given the inherent challenges of hiring new creative talent, recruiting managers need to ascertain whether the chosen candidate is ideal for the position. First, let's admit that hiring the right talent is no mean feat. This is especially so in a highly competitive landscape where organizations pursue the best of the lot, and the widening skills gap makes it more crucial to find untapped talent. It is beyond doubt that hiring someone in the design field is a time-taking process that involves many person-hours, be it sifting through large piles of CVs and portfolios, coordinating with candidates and conducting interviews. The thoughts of exorbitant costs drawn by uninformed hiring decisions also loom large in an employer's mind.

As emphasized above, companies must mitigate the risk of skyrocketing hiring costs. That's where the role of pre-assessment tests comes into play. So, in this case, identifying the most skilled design professionals becomes incredibly easy and efficient with the online design aptitude test. The efficacy of aptitude testing is beyond question as it has been a fail-safe method to screen applicants' fit with an organization. And similarly, the aptitude test for designers is no different when it comes to testing for creative functions such as graphic designers, developers, etc.

Although traditional ways of expression, such as a portfolio, can give a glimpse of a candidate's competence, it is also a thoughtful organization of the best work produced by someone to date. Most importantly, it often doesn't touch on the nuances, such as the candidate's thought process behind it and necessary soft skills, etc. While some might argue that administering such assessments may elongate the overall steps of the hiring process, the pros of including these tests outweigh the cons, provided you manage to partner with the most reliable and trusted assessment provider. Therefore, organizations can leverage expertly crafted design aptitude tests to focus on understanding the creative aptitude of the candidate, how they ideate, solve unique problems, respond under stringent timelines and communicate with others.

Hire Skilled Graphic Designers Using the Design Aptitude Test

Graphic designers are accountable for creating visual concepts, imagery, themes, and design collaterals, using computer software or by hand to present ideas that inform, persuade, and evoke customers' curiosity. They are skilled at using software to create the overall layout and undertake production design for different applications such as advertisements, websites, magazines, and business reports. Companies of all kinds enlist the help of skilled graphic designers to create strong brand positioning in the market. So, they generally look for talented designers but lack a scientifically validated tool to find and hire top talent. As the name suggests, the design aptitude test is a helpful tool to measure candidates' creativity and graphic design skills.

Recruiters can use online design aptitude tests in their hiring process to find highly talented candidates quickly and efficiently. These online assessments evaluate cognitive and creative skills by including questions selected with subject matter experts' help. Then, based on the respondent's performance, finding the best candidates while filtering out unsuitable ones becomes easy.

Many product managers are looking for skilled graphic designers, but gauging applicants' logical thinking and problem-solving skills are complex. That is where the aptitude test for designers comes in handy. By conducting a design aptitude test online, employers can rest assured that only candidates with the proper knowledge, skills, and abilities will be the perfect addition to their company.


This Design Aptitude Test is a part of following Skills Libraries

Design Aptitude Test Competency Framework

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Design Aptitude Test Competencies Under Scanner

Aptitude test for Designers


Attention to Detail

Use this design aptitude test to assess attention to detail in candidates through Image-based questions.

Creative Thinking

Use this design aptitude test to assess creative thinking abilities in candidates through questions based on Rebus Riddles and Remote Associates.

Verbal Reasoning

The following subskills are used to assess candidates' verbal ability - Reading Comprehension, Sentence Formation, Fill in the Blank, Spot the Error, Sentence Completion, and Sentence Correction.

Abstract Reasoning

The test helps to assess the candidate’s abstract reasoning skills using abstract reasoning problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, we can do so selectively. Please write to us with such a request, and we would be glad to work out a solution for you.

Mercer | Mettl's graphic design test helps employers assess candidates' creative potential objectively and in a standardized way while considering their skills, knowledge, experience, and abilities. The aptitude test aims to assist organizations in finding and recruiting talented professionals in graphic design.

In an ever-growing field, such as graphic design, where technology is continuously evolving and outdated skill sets are becoming obsolete, the online graphic design aptitude test assesses critical skills individuals should possess to succeed as graphic designers.

Give below are some crucial skills that employers look for in potential employees:  

  •  Knowledge of UX and UI design  
  •  Information architect skills  
  •  Knowledge of responsive design  
  •  Common design patterns skills  
  •  Fundamentals of graphic design  
  •  Knowledge of typography  
  •  Understanding of color theory  
  •  Understanding of composition  
  •  Knowledge of design tools  
  •  Understanding of visual communication  
  •  Knowledge of user modeling  
  •  Understanding of A/B testing and multivariate testing  
  •  Ability to understand design briefs and cater to end-users' needs

A design aptitude test helps recruiters ensure that the new hires have the aptitude and skills essential for graphic designing roles and are best suited for the position.   

Aspirants preparing for the interview can use various sites to practice graphic design aptitude test questions and answers. However, below are some of the most asked questions that can help candidates prepare for the forthcoming job interview:   

  • What steps do you follow in the creative design process?  
  • How do you deal with criticism?  
  • How have you collaborated cross-functionally on a project?  
  • What metrics will you use to measure your design’s success?  
  • How do you keep up with the latest design trends?  
  • What is the importance of color theory in graphic design?  
  • What, according to you, is the best piece from your design portfolio? 

Yes, we can do so selectively. Please write to us about such a request; we would gladly assist.

The design aptitude test is a pre-hire test that measures the designing and creative prowess of candidates, hence enabling employers and recruiters to determine the candidate's suitability for a role.

Listed below are critical criteria for an appealing design:  

  • Functional  
  • Sustainable  
  • Accessible  
  • Emotionally appealing  
  • Well-constructed  
  • Beautiful  
  • Enduring  
  • Ergonomic

Design aptitude refers to the competency, ability, and talent in the creative domain, whether innate or acquired through training.