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Online Diversity Assessment Test: Helps you identify the salient characteristics of inclusive leadership

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) assessments are a tool to measure critical competencies that leaders need to enable diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. While the DEI test is a holistic benchmarking tool, this test focuses on assessing someone’s potential to become an inclusive leader.

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Inside This Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Assessment

Inclusive leadership is one of the critical elements essential for successful leaders, especially in the post-pandemic era. This inclusion assessment tool will assess various sub-competencies of inclusive leadership and highlight the most vital areas of development for leaders and managers. This assessment details four areas/dimensions of inclusive leadership capability and probes into these critical areas to provide a comprehensive overview of leadership strengths and areas of personal growth.  

Inclusive leadership dimensions Definition Competency 
Live diversity Being curious about what is different from oneself, showing empathy, openness, and flexibility, with an awareness of one's own and others' biases, stereotypes, and prejudices to overcome them. Not being afraid of showing vulnerability and acting with humility. 
  • Learning agility
  • Flexibility
  • Empathy
  • Self-awareness 
Nurture inclusivityAdopting active listening to welcome and integrate uniqueness, creating an environment of psychological safety that encourages speaking up, open exchange of perspectives, experiences and approaches, ensuring participation and active collaboration by all. 
  • Effective communication
  • Being inclusive
  • Networking
Empower uniqueness Valuing differences, being aware of the uniqueness of the individual, stimulating and supporting their arising and development to maximize their contribution to the common goal. 
  • Lead by example 
  • Coaching and mentoring
Commit to equity Managing any conflicts that may arise from diversity, taking the risk to change the status quo and making fair, participatory decisions with courage. 
  • Ethical propensity
  • Innovation
  • Conflict management


An ideal approach of deploying the inclusive leadership assessment would be as follows: 

Individual level: aimed at understanding openness to diversity at a personal level Mercer | Mettl Personality Map (MPM) mapped against the inclusive leadership model +Verbal ability test 
Individual and group level: aimed at understanding DEI at both individual and group levels Mercer | Mettl Personality Map (MPM) mapped against the inclusive leadership model + Verbal ability test + multi-rater feedback 
Organizational level: aimed at understanding DEI at a corporate level 

An organization-wide survey for obtaining vital insights into organizational perspective around DEI 


This inclusive leadership  assessment consists of 175 questions and takes approximately 35 to 40 minutes to complete. 


In this constantly evolving world, it is important to adapt quickly to change. Changes in sociocultural factors and working dynamics have sparked an unprecedented demand to create more diverse, inclusive, and equitable organizations.  

An overwhelming number of millennials are placing a premium on a company’s concrete commitment to workplace diversity before accepting a job offer. Similarly, more employees are switching jobs due to a non-inclusive organizational culture. And it makes complete sense that employees seek more certainty and flexibility about post-pandemic working arrangements. Moreover, a growing number of companies are accelerating their shift toward an environmental, social and governance (ESG) and multi-stakeholder business approach.  

These significant changes underscore two critical facts: 

  • Current complexity involves cross-functional inclusion and intersectionality. 
  • People are now more appreciative and sensitive to DEI and social responsibility initiatives. 

Numerous factors contribute to building diversity and inclusion, and organizations should always consider these factors, whether they want to create substantial diversity recruiting strategies or overcome the barriers and biases to employee training and development.  

However, inclusive leadership is the most critical factor that helps encourage diversity and ensure sustainable organizational growth. The tricky part is that inclusive leadership is rare and highly sought after. The good news, however, is that it can be assessed through data-driven DEI assessment tools.    

The importance of measuring diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace 

Sometimes it is challenging for organizations to proceed in the right direction while addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion factors. The main organizational challenges some leaders might face are: 

  • Understanding the outcome of several DEI activities undertaken in the past  
  • Following the steps that need to be taken to ensure DEI is ingrained within their organization's culture and talent management functions 

Mercer | Mettl's inclusion assessment provides granular insights into several essential competencies that skilled, inclusive leaders possess and focus on AODs that support diversity, equity, and inclusion in organizations. This diversity and inclusion leadership assessment tool will help you: 

  • Assess the underlying leadership strengths and where one should channel efforts to improve 
  • Understand which factors need refinement, which to assess, which to leverage, and which to uphold 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Several quantitative diversity and inclusion measures might help you track your organization's progress. Listed below are some of these diversity metrics you can use to assess your organization: 

  • Recruitment figures - i) the diversity of a candidate pool, ii) interview panel diversity 
  • Representation at all levels in the organization 
  • Talent retention 
  • Pay equity 
  • Job satisfaction and engagement 
  • Employee resource group (ERG) initiative 
  • Hiring and promotion decisions 

There are no fixed or definite metrics to assess diversity and inclusion. Every organization should have an optimized approach to prioritize the metrics they want to select for measurement. While choosing your DEI metrics, initially look toward your organizational goals. Is your analysis focused on understanding inclusive leadership competencies? Do you seek ways to make every employee feel more included and satisfied in their roles? While the list of goals could go on, stay focused on the goals that matter the most. You will also want to consider how the type of diversity, equity, and inclusion dimensions you choose to track will yield metrics crucial to driving your organization forward. 

The DEI assessment should comprise an employee survey or interaction that provides constructive and actionable feedback, a holistic evaluation of the company's adherence to a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace, and an assessment of leadership commitment and accountability to see how leaders/managers are doing from the employee's perspective. 

By compiling an organization's DEI data extracted from multiple sources and providing data-driven insights through data visualization techniques, a people analytics solution can bring underlying issues to the forefront, promote transparency, instigate a change, and further bolster efforts on DEI. 

DEI metrics indicate the state of DEI initiatives in an organization, enabling it to track progress and assess outcomes pertaining to DEI. Moreover, these metrics allow you to set objectives and establish accountability. 

With the help of an expertly developed diversity and inclusion leadership assessment tool, it is easy to identify the signature traits of inclusive leadership. In addition, the diversity assessment includes an in-depth personality assessment mapped against the dimensions mentioned in the DEI model to gain a holistic overview of the leader's personality. 

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