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Screen candidates for developer roles using the Online Java Assessment

The Java Coding Test by Mercer | Mettle is a pre-employment screening tool that objectively evaluates candidates' skills in Java coding. The Java Test has been designed to assess candidates' skills, knowledge, and conceptual understanding of Java. Recruiters can use the test to identify and recruit the best talent from a vast pool of candidates.

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Inside this Java Assessment

Java language is a general-purpose programming language used across various industries. However, as this high-level coding language is used in almost every IT application, it becomes crucial for recruiters to understand that simple, functional knowledge of Java and basic certifications are not enough to mark a candidate as proficient in the programming language. Understanding theoretical concepts and the syntax used for coding in Java does not mean a candidate can apply those skills in practical situations. This is why recruiters must have a scientifically backed assessment tool to ensure good hires.  

An Online Java Test to screen candidates applying for developer roles helps hiring managers streamline their recruitment processes. The Java Assessment by Mercer | Mettl helps recruiters evaluate candidates' hard and soft skills and domain knowledge. It screens candidates based on their proficiency in core Java concepts, such as operators, interfaces and inheritance, OOPS, and advanced areas like error and exception handling, multithreaded programming, etc. The test helps save a lot of time and costs in identifying high-potential candidates.


Java was released in 1995, and over the years, it has become one of the most popular object-oriented programming languages used across multiple industries worldwide. Being a general-purpose programming language, Java has many applications, including desktop applications, enterprise-grade systems, embedded systems, and in-app development for Androids. The rising demand for Java developers has opened many employment opportunities. However, the role expectations for the position have changed significantly over time. Today, more than basic understanding and operational skills are required, as Java developers are expected to possess deep knowledge and skills in programming, and they should also be able to perform testing, debugging, software analysis, make improvements in existing processes, and much more. Finding and retaining top performers is critical for organizations today, and they require well-structured recruitment strategies. Pre-employment assessments like the Java Coding Test are essential in such recruitment strategies.  

The pre-employment Java Test by Mercer | Mettl has been curated by subject matter experts to enable recruiters to perform an in-depth technical skills evaluation and gain insights into the employability of candidates. The Java Test is a comprehensive and highly effective tool for analyzing candidates' conceptual and skill-based knowledge, aptitude, skills, and competencies—another area where an Online Java Test can be instrumental in reskilling existing employees and workforce planning initiatives.

Java Skills Test competency framework

Get a detailed look inside the test

Online Java Test competencies under scanner

General Java programming


Java basics

This section of the Online Java Test by Mercer | Mettl evaluates candidates' understanding of fundamental Java concepts, like strings, string methods, operators, interfaces, inheritance, flow of control, constants, variables, and data types.


A candidate’s knowledge and understanding of object-oriented programming (OOP) principles are evaluated in this section. It covers OOP skills like cases, objects, collections, OOP concepts, interfaces, inheritance, etc.

Advanced topics

In this section, skills like threads, multithreaded programming, error resolution, exception handling, etc., are evaluated.

Hands-on programming

The Java Test by Mercer | Mettl also includes a section designed to evaluate candidates' coding skills using Mercer | Mettl’s coding simulator.

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Choose easy, medium or hard questions from our skill libraries to assess candidates of different experience levels.

Combine multiple skills into one test

Add multiple skills in a single test to create an effective assessment. Assess multiple skills together.

Add your own questions to the test

Add, edit or bulk upload your own coding questions, MCQ, whiteboarding questions & more.

Request a tailor-made test

Get a tailored assessment created with the help of our subject matter experts to ensure effective screening.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Candidates can practice Java through the Online Java Test, an effective tool to gain deep insights into candidates’ knowledge and proficiency in Java and coding.

The Java Developer Test is best suited for assessing aspirants' Java skills and assisting recruiters in avoiding wrong hiring decisions. Mercer | Mettl's Java Online Test helps hiring managers interview and evaluate candidates and build a team of competent and skilled developers.  

One can customize an advanced Java Online Test from the extensive test library, create the assessment using given questions, or add as per the job-specific competency framework. Mercer | Mettl provides customized assessments across the employee lifecycle, including Candidate Skills Assessment, pre-employment screening, training, development programs for students/employees, certification exams, competitions, and more.   

The Java Skills Assessment gauges the depth and breadth of candidates' programming knowledge in the core Java language and their expertise in working with the commonly used parts of the Java class library. The Java Developer Test is a great option to efficiently conduct pre-employment screening. This Online Java Hiring Test requires test-takers to solve code challenges in Java and detect and fix bugs in a Java program. A competent Java developer can solve complex problems using Java and utilize the Java class library functionality to write clean and robust code.

Yes. In selective cases, customized sample sets can be utilized for candidate evaluation. Please get in touch with us regarding your request! We will be happy to assist.

Yes, we can do it. We have previously customized the Java Test report for our clients. Please write to us with your request, and we will gladly provide a solution.

In most cases, interviewers ask candidates questions about core Java and programming so they can better understand their working approach and problem-solving abilities, etc.

Yes, it is possible to customize reports based on specific requirements. We have helped our clients create customized Java Test reports previously as well. For further information regarding this, we request that you contact us, and we will be happy to assist you with your queries.

The Java Test by Mercer | Mettl includes a combination of MCQs and coding tasks. While the MCQ-type questions allow for objective and instant grading of the on-the-job skills of candidates, the coding task helps recruiters assess the hands-on programming skills of candidates.

The test helps screen candidates for roles like junior or core Java developer or Java software developer.

The Java Coding Test by Mercer | Mettl has been designed by subject matter experts to help recruiters gauge the expanse of programming knowledge in core Java and expertise in working with the Java class library. Recruiters can choose one of our ready-to-use Java assessments from our expansive test library or create their assessment using our questions. In selective cases, you can also add your questions to the test.

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