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Online JavaScript Test for Identifying and Hiring Top Talent

The online JavaScript test evaluates a candidate's front-end development skills and programming knowledge in JavaScript language. This scripting language can help assess candidates' ability to code for web and application development.

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Inside This JavaScript Assessment

The JavaScript online test assesses a candidate's skills in adding interactive behavior to webpages, creating webpages and apps, developing server applications, and building web servers.  

The test is holistically designed to test applicants' knowledge and applied skills. This 60-minute test includes 18 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) and two coding problems to be solved on the Mercer | Mettl’s front-end simulator for testing a candidate's front-end development skills and fundamental concepts of JavaScript.

The JavaScript skills test will help you screen candidates for the following roles:  

  • JavaScript Developer  
  • Software Developer (JavaScript)  
  • Front-End Developer (JavaScript)  


Someone's lack of proficiency in JavaScript will undoubtedly leave them bereft of the most intriguing features of this remarkable programming language. JavaScript, abbreviated as JS, is an essential scripting language used in front-end development to create interactive, dynamic web content like browsers and applications.

JS is one of the web's core technologies. It enables the creation of beautiful, interactive user interfaces we observe and experience online. What is even more intriguing is that some of the most popular frameworks are based on JS, namely Ember.js, React, Vue.js, AngularJS, and Node.js. A solid foundation in JavaScript programming is crucial for junior programmers as it will help them to jump-start their careers and align themselves for further professional growth.

When hiring JavaScript developers, companies usually receive a plethora of applications for these roles, specifically entry-level jobs, which receive the maximum number of applicants. But there is only so much that resumes can uncover about any candidate, which makes it challenging for employers to gauge who has the required skills in a large applicant pool. The JavaScript online test helps tech recruiters and employers to assess the candidate's skills in implementing the front-end logic that decides how visual elements of a web application behave. Expertly formulated, these coding tests are the brainchild of seasoned industry experts.

The JavaScript online coding test provides a way for employers to pit potential aspirants against one another from a technical perspective to determine which candidate is best aligned with the role requirements. Now that will certainly come in handy for evaluations at the junior level but is no less relevant for hiring for senior-level roles. Hence, considering that so much is at stake from an organizational standpoint, making the right hiring decisions is critical.

In addition to the evident benefits of assessing skill level, some more convincing reasons vouch for the indispensability of using JavaScript coding tests for making essential talent decisions.

Firstly, these tests can help root out or reduce unconscious bias, which often creeps into decision-making. It poses a grave impact on the authenticity of the hiring process. Using the JavaScript assessment, an employer can get a fair, accurate and objective evaluation of competencies, enabling them to select the most suitable candidates for the role without any conscious or implicit bias.

A successful recruitment drive is one in which everyone gets a fair shot, and that's why JavaScript skills tests can enable companies to provide an opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their technical skills. By administering these tests early in the process, recruiting managers can save untold person-hours they would otherwise spend interviewing each applicant.

That leads us to another reason JavaScript assessment tests have recently gained steady ground. These tests add efficiency and agility to the evaluation process, which benefits both the applicant and the employer. By eliminating redundant technical evaluation processes, companies can make critical decisions faster with accuracy, thus allowing the hiring managers/senior programmers greater leeway in focusing on other time-critical tasks, too.

Lastly, another advantage of using JavaScript technical tests is that it helps organizations chart a development plan for future leaders. By understanding the strengths and areas of improvement, considerate employers can leverage the results of such assessments to prepare a development plan for prospective hires.

Use the online JavaScript test to make well-informed, data-driven hiring decisions   

The JavaScript skills assessment is a crucial tool in the recruiter's armory to find highly skilled JavaScript developers, make data-backed comparisons between many candidates, and ensure that the qualified individuals have skills aligned with the business goals. The assessment incorporates different technical questions for gauging a developer's talent in JS, its critical applications and front-end development. The tests aim to determine candidates' knowledge of hands-on java programming, front-end development skills, and JavaScript and Java fundamentals.


This JavaScript Online Test is a part of following Skills Libraries

JavaScript Developer Competency Framework

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JavaScript Developer Competencies Under Scanner

Javascript Development


Hands-on Java programming

The JavaScript Technical Test assesses candidates' coding skills on a simulator by giving real-world problems and measuring their hands-on experience and capability to code in the desired language.

Frontend development skills

The test consists of hands-on coding questions for evaluating a candidate's frontend web development skills and knowledge of JavaScript basics.

Java basics

The JavaScript Assessment aims to understand a candidate's proficiency in the given skills - Flow of Control, Strings and Methods, OOPS Concepts, Classes Objects and Methods, Interfaces and Inheritance in Core Java and Java - OOPS.


This JavaScript Test gauges the candidate's strengths in these skills: Arrays, Parsing, Events and Event Handlers, Object Usage, Scopes and Namespaces and Properties application, Forms along with HTML and Links in JavaScript programming.

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The Mercer | Mettl JavaScript Developer Test Advantage

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The test is tailored for recruitment, and Mercer | Mettl can benchmark custom sample sets. Please share the request for assistance.

Some of the salient features are listed below:   

  •  Light Weight  
  •  Functional  
  •  Dynamic Typing  
  •  OOP support  
  •  Interpreted  
  •  Platform independence  
  •  Prototype-oriented  
  •  Async operations  
  •  Client-side validation  
  •  Effective browser control

The test is tailored for recruitment, and Mercer | Mettl can benchmark custom sample sets. Please share the request for assistance.

The test is tailored for recruitment, and Mercer | Mettl can benchmark custom sample sets. Please share the request for assistance.

Listed below are some usual questions that interviewers often ask candidates:  

  • Is JavaScript only for Web development?  

JS is used to create appealing websites and to develop browser-based games and mobile apps for different operating systems.  

  • What is the test method in JavaScript?  

The test () method checks for approximate string matching, and if there is a match, the method returns true; otherwise, it returns false.  

  • What is bubbling in JavaScript?  

In the event bubbling process, the element triggers the event and bubbles up to the contained elements in the hierarchy.  

  •  Is JavaScript case sensitive?  

Yes, JavaScript is a case-sensitive language.  

  •  What does Nan mean in JavaScript?  

The Nan property is referred to as the "Not-a-Number" value.  

  •  What is null JavaScript?  

The 'null' value refers to the intended omission of any object value.  

  • Where is the right place to insert JavaScript?  

In the <head> or in the <body> section of an HTML page, or in both.  

  •  Is JavaScript a programming language?  

Yes, JavaScript is an interpreted programming language.  

  •  Inside which HTML element do we put JavaScript?  

The <script> tag is used for the same.  

  •  What is the use of JavaScript?  

JavaScript is a full-fledged dynamic programming language that can help provide dynamic interactivity on websites.  

  •  Is JavaScript front-end or back-end?  

It is both front-end and back-end because it is used across the web development stack.  

  •  What type of scripting language is JavaScript?  

JavaScript® is an object-oriented, lightweight, interpreted language with first-class functions.  

  •  What is '$' in JavaScript?  

The dollar sign ($) is called a JavaScript identifier.  

The test is tailored for recruitment, and Mercer | Mettl can benchmark custom sample sets. Please share the request for assistance.

A strong understanding of fundamentals and jQuery basics is necessary for a JS interview.  Aspirants should also hone their skills in Model–View–View Model (MVVM) frameworks, such as AngularJS, Ext JS, and JavaScript libraries (Lodash, Moment.js).

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