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About Jira software

Jira is a proprietary bug tracking product created by Atlassian used for issue tracking and agile development projects. The product name is derived and truncated from Gojira, the unique Japanese name for Godzilla. The developers at Atlassian drew inspiration for this name from a tool known as Bugzilla, which was majorly used for bug-tracking.

The Jira tool's popularity is attested by the fact that more than 170,000 customers use it in 150 plus countries. Jira tools also allow migration from the Bugzilla tool. Atlassian offers four Jira packages to its users:

  • Jira Core is used as a generic project and task management solution
  • Every software project team member uses Jira Software to plan, monitor, and release remarkable software
  • Jira Service Desk is used extensively by IT or service desks
  • Jira Ops is useful for incident management

Atlassian's Jira web application is written in Java and uses the internal Pico Container system and OpenSymphony's WebWork 1. JIRA has a public and suitable remote procedure call APIs, namely REST, SOAP, and XML-RPC. 

It combines with various source-control programs, such as  Concurrent Versions System, Git, Clearcase, Perforce, Team Foundation Server, Mercurial, and Subversion. Jira also supports the Networked Help Desk API, allowing users to share customer support tickets with other issue tracking tools.

Jira was initially launched as an issue tracking software at the time of its launch in 2002. After some years, it was being utilized as a project management tool by several non-IT organizations.  After the Atlassian Marketplace launch, the process gained more impetus, which enabled various third-party developers to develop different project management plugins for Jira.

Main features of Jira tool:

  • It supports numerous business templates to handle simple and complex tasks
  • It supports Kanban and Scrum boards
  • It allows the tasks to be defined at the individual level for keeping track of progress
  • It includes impeccable search functionality with quick, advanced, and basic search features
  • It supports multiple reports to track progress over a specified period, individual contribution, deadlines, etc.
  • It can support many business projects and teams, regardless of complexity and size.
  • It also provides support for various languages such as French, English (US, UK, India), Portuguese, German, Korean, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese
  • It is also available on mobile platforms, such as App Store and Google Play Store

Inside This Assessment

About Jira online test 

Our Jira online test can help recruiters and hiring managers to assess a candidate's critical skills in the Jira software tool. The Jira assessment intends to check the proficiency level of aspirants in this agile project management tool. These pre-employment tests provide an in-depth overview of the test-taker's performance in each section. The test contains handpicked questions from various topics of Jira to assess the candidate's technical knowledge.  

Recruiters can save time and resources while ensuring they hire the best candidates using specially designed Jira online tests. They can compose customized technical skills tests corresponding to the competencies they are looking for. The Jira online test includes questions on JIRA fundamentals, dashboard, Jira tool installation, projects, reports, workflow, etc. 

The Jira assessment test is a reliable, objective, and convenient way to assess and screen candidates for roles that involve the use of Jira software. Such online Jira tests can help employers gain insights into a candidate's technical skills and abilities by evaluating their mastery of tools using Jira assessment questions.

Why should you use Mercer | Mettl’s Online Jira tests?

Easy to administer and comprehensive, Mettl's Jira online assessment tests have all the crucial components tech recruiters need to gauge the depth and breadth of candidates' expertise in Jira and make rational recruiting choices. 

The Jira assessment test is developed, reviewed, and validated by subject matter experts - as per industry standards. The test is intended to methodically evaluate the conceptual, analytical, and applied skills of the individuals.

Questions in the Jira assessment test span across the topics given below:

  • JIRA Fundamentals - Workflow_Permission_Projects_Issues
  • JIRA - Search_Filter Issues_ Reports_ Sub-tasks
  • JIRA - Labelling _Moving_ Time tracking the issues_ Dashboard
  • Jira Tool - Dashboard
  • Jira Tool - Installation
  • Jira Tool - Issue
  • Jira Tool - Projects
  • Jira Tool - Reports
  • Jira Tool - Workflow
  • Jira Tool - General

Key profiles the Jira online test is useful for: 

  • Software Developer
  • Manual Tester
  • Automation Tester
  • DevOps

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Jira, a popular software testing tool, is a brainchild of the Australian Company Atlassian. This powerful bug tracking tool can report all the substantial issues related to software or mobile apps. 

Jira tool is a part of the Atlassian product family, enabling different teams to manage work efficiently. Initially, Jira was intended to be used as a bug and issue tracker. But today, it has transformed into a holistic work management tool for various use cases, ranging from test case management to agile software development.

Jira is an agile project management tool that backs up any agile methodology, such as Scrum and Kanban. You can use this project management tool to plan, track, and manage all software development projects.

More than 65,000 businesses worldwide use Jira for such tasks as issue tracking, bug tracking, and project management.

Jira software is popular due to various reasons; some of these are mentioned below:
 Jira software is known the world over for its properly-managed workflow mapping and issue tracking function. It is mainly used for tracking bugs across different projects or applications.
 It allows teams to find, record, and monitor bugs. Jira also provides a system to allocate them to the right team or person at the proper time.
 Jira is a project management software that enables users to allocate the required tasks to complete the project.
 It includes Kanban boards to provide users with complete visibility into project performance. Using the Kanban system in the software development process helps the team prioritize their tasks, draft the workflow, and reduce work-in-progress (WIP).
 Agile teams also use Jira to create software via the Scrum method. Teams can focus on their iterations at a rapid pace. They can provide value-driven incremental delivery in an organized way using customizable scrum boards.
 Jira is a well-accepted project tracking and management software used by IT teams and software developers.
 It works perfectly well for both traditional and agile product management. Jira workflow enables users to manage the project's status and the way it transitions to other statuses, delivering exceptional tracking information. It is also a highly customizable and centralized tool.

Listed below are some main benefits of Jira:
 Agile project management tool for teams of all sizes
 Simple licensing model
 Fast and lightweight tool
 Minimal maintenance
 Increases Efficiency
 Easy integration with other tools
 A plethora of apps in the Atlassian Marketplace
 Jira REST API capabilities
 Thriving Atlassian community

Yes, Jira is now also used for bug tracking and project management.

A Jira workflow consists of statuses and transitions that move an issue throughout its lifecycle and represents a defined process within the organization. 

A Sprint, also called an iteration, is a brief period in which the development team executes and delivers a potentially shippable product increment.

Stories are requests or short requirements written from the point of view of an end-user.

A spike characterizes a research activity that does not translate into a deliverable software.

Persons who raise the issue are reported in Jira.

Jira Schema includes the following:
 Issue types
 Custom fields
 Field configurations

Listed below are some of the most commonly asked interview questions:
 How would you describe a Jira workflow?
 Explain the three color indicators
 Describe the JIRA project Key?
 What is the Jira report?
 Explain Jira Core and its uses?
 Who are the Jira Core project admins?
 How to create an issue in Jira?
 Can we allocate an issue to two different individuals?
 Explain Cloning issues in Jira?
 What is the process of creating subtasks in Jira?
 How to add gadgets to a Jira dashboard?

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