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Online Kubernetes test to screen the best tech talent

The Kubernetes assessment is a prescreening test that combines application-based techniques and domain-knowledge questions to measure one's proficiency in Kubernetes. The test assesses candidates’ knowledge in CI/CD pipeline, cluster, containers, node, ingress, deployment, etc. 

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Inside this Kubernetes Assessment

Kubernetes is an extendable, container-orchestration system that has become one of the most popular open-source platforms for automating deployment, scalability, and management of containerized applications. Kubernetes, also known as K8s, was initially developed at Google accounts. Since its release in 2014, it has become one of the most popular technologies in cloud computing. 

This Kubernetes assessment is designed to help you gauge the depth and breadth of candidates' knowledge of Kubernetes. This test evaluates candidates' abilities in these areas: fundamental concepts, configuration, services and networking, deployments, and storage. In addition, employers can use the Kubernetes assessment test to provide test-takers with real-world scenarios focusing on candidates' practical problem-solving skills rather than just their theoretical knowledge. Seasoned industry experts with an outstanding track record have created and validated these tests according to industry standards. 

  • Competency framework - Kubernetes Test for hiring and selection 
  • Kubernetes Test competencies under scanner 
  • CI/CD pipeline 
  • Cluster 
  • Deployment 
  • Containers 
  • Ingress 
  • Node 
  • Pods 
  • Replica set 
  • Services 
  • Stateful application 
  • Stateless application 
  • Volumes


As projects have become more and more scalable, their complexity has increased exponentially. That's why projects and operations management in today's IT world have become arduous. Kubernetes eases this challenge by enabling automated deployment, scale up and management of containers, which help deploy and test project modules. Moreover, once mastered, the tool becomes easy to use and integrate with other existing projects. Unsurprisingly, leading global tech giants are looking for top talent for opportunities comprising various roles involving Kubernetes skills and experience.

The job market is witnessing an inevitable growth of demand for IT pros with Kubernetes skills, which is why it is not only experienced professionals, but even entry to mid-level professionals are highly coveted and highly compensated. When candidates possess Kubernetes experience, it is essential to understand their level of expertise, development prowess, and problem-solving skills. But identifying the best-fit candidate is easier said than done, so you may need to administer an online Kubernetes Test specially designed for this purpose.

Candidates who achieve good scores on this test have practical experience with Kubernetes and know how to resolve everyday challenges and achieve their objectives in development. Such candidates can develop the most viable solutions aligned to the best industry practices. The Kubernetes assessment process helps the recruiting managers screen out candidates unfit for the position while moving qualified candidates to the next stage of the hiring process.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, it is possible. Please write to Mercer | Mettl for assistance.  

We have customized Kubernetes Test reports in the past on a client-to-client basis. Please write to us with the request, and we would be glad to work out a solution for you.

Identifying skilled Kubernetes professionals is no mean feat! Here are some common interview questions to help the hiring managers separate good hires from unsuitable ones - and help aspirants prepare for their assessment day: 

  • Why do we need namespaces in Kubernetes? 
  • How do Kubernetes and Docker interrelate? 
  • Can you please describe the process of container orchestration? 
  • What are the several types of controller managers? 
  • Can you please explain the Kubernetes clusters? 
  • What is a Heapster? 
  • What is a pod? 
  • What are the crucial components of Kubernetes architecture? 
  • Can you enumerate the differences between a Replication controller, a DaemonSet, and a Deployment? 
  • Why should you use Kubernetes? 
  • Why would you use a sidecar container? 

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