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Online Leadership Assessment for assessing crucial leadership skills

The Leadership Assessment by Mercer | Mettl is designed to help recruiters and leadership and development managers evaluate individuals on various leadership skills. The test can effectively assess essential leadership skills, like strategic thinking, critical decision-making, people and work management, etc., to help recruiters identify top candidates for leadership positions.

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Leadership is an essential part of any organization, and hiring suitable candidates for leadership positions can go a long way in enhancing overall productivity and driving organizational success. A Leadership Test helps recruiters and development managers identify individuals with crucial leadership skills and qualities, like adaptability, inclusivity, robust decision-making, willingness to learn, team management, communications, etc. A Leadership Assessment is a handy tool for organizations as it helps identify leaders' strengths and develop strong leadership. The test offers organizations a data-driven approach to analyzing candidates' key competencies and necessary skills for leadership positions, reducing the risk of unsuitable hires.   

The Online Leadership Assessment offered by Mercer | Mettl has been developed by subject matter experts to help identify dominant leadership styles of candidates and determine their suitability for a job role and the organization. Mercer | Mettl's Online Leadership Assessment follows a holistic approach to evaluating leadership competencies for leadership roles. It also evaluates a candidate's reasoning and decision-making skills, ability to solve novel problems, draw logical inferences and recognize invalid assumptions. It assesses the leadership style, including behavioural patterns or the leader's approach to guiding subordinates and inspiring them to achieve the desired goal.


An organization’s leadership plays a pivotal role in its success. Competent leadership is crucial in enhancing organizational productivity and bringing out the best in others. Influential leaders assist organizations in achieving their goals and surpassing their competition while also being able to make tough decisions and motivating their team members to give their best. These are some of the functions and responsibilities of an organization’s leadership for driving organizational success. Effective leaders help unleash the full potential of an organization by implementing robust strategies and providing directives that yield positive results. Identifying individuals with the required innate skills can get quite challenging for recruiters, armed with nothing more than the information about candidates' past experiences and skills, as listed in their resumes.  

Using Leadership Assessment helps streamline the leadership recruitment processes by objectively measuring candidates' abilities in assigning authority and tasks, planning and implementing development plans for team members, and providing team members with guidance and valuable feedback. The comprehensive Online Leadership Assessment by Mercer | Mettl has been designed to objectively identify potential leaders from among all applicants for the job role. The test effectively assesses candidates' leadership styles and skills to determine whether they have the competencies and personality traits that all good leaders must possess.

Leadership Assessment competency framework

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Leadership Assessment competencies under scanner

Leadership Assessment


Leading the business

This section of the Leadership Assessment assesses candidates' abilities in setting a vision for the future, working across boundaries and developing strategic relationships, making critical decisions to adapt to and handle the evolving challenges of the business world, and leading the organization successfully.

Strategic thinking

Under this section, candidates are required to demonstrate their tendency to think long term, looking at the broader perspective, building shared visions with others, formulating strategies to achieve the organization’s vision, and their ability to focus their energy and resources on effective strategy executions.

Leveraging networks

This section of the Online Leadership Assessment evaluates candidates' tendency to build networks and alliances across boundaries and build strategic relationships that they can leverage effectively to achieve common goals.

Critical decision-making

This part of the assessment evaluates candidates' ability to consider all available data, derive conclusions based on logical reasoning and evidence, solve problems, and make critical decisions.

Accelerating innovation and orchestrating change

This section assesses candidates on their ability to think innovatively and foster a culture of constant innovation and experimentation. Candidates should also showcase their ability to manage change, ensuring that the organization can stay relevant in changing times.

Fostering innovation

Candidates are also required to demonstrate their tendency to approach problems differently. This section of the Leadership Assessment analyzes candidates' ability to think outside the box, strive for innovation, foster a culture of innovation, etc.

Navigating ambiguity

Under this section, candidates must demonstrate their ability to efficiently handle ambiguous and unpredictable situations and manage their work even if they do not have all the essential details of the task.

Change management

Candidates are assessed on their skills to communicate the rationale and need behind an imminent change while ensuring all stakeholders are comfortable with it. Candidates should also be able to minimize complexities or reduce their impact to streamline the change process.

Leading by example

The Leadership Assessment also assesses candidates' tendency to seek knowledge, openness to feedback, and ability to stay focused in adverse situations while effectively managing their emotions.

Learning orientation

Candidates should demonstrate a tendency to internalize a learning mindset, consistently seeking new opportunities to learn. They should also be open to feedback and able to reflect on past experiences to learn from their successes and failures.


Candidates must also demonstrate their ability to stay focused in uncertain or adverse scenarios and manage difficult situations, effectively managing themselves and their emotions.

Building diverse and successful teams

This test section analyzes the candidate's tendency to promote diversity and collaboration and whether they can effectively coach and mentor team members, helping them develop, grow, and become future leaders.

Developing teams

This section of the Leadership Assessment assesses candidates' ability to focus on their team members' growth and development by identifying their strengths and areas for improvement. Candidates should be able to create tailored learning opportunities for their team members.

Fostering diversity and collaboration

Under this section, candidates are evaluated on their tendency to value diversity and inclusion and whether they can successfully lead a team of diverse individuals. Candidates must also demonstrate their ability to create a collaborative, inclusive team culture and leverage diversity to work efficiently.

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A Leadership Assessment evaluates an individual's leadership skills, traits, and potential. It helps organizations identify and develop influential leaders, make informed decisions about promotions or hires, and create tailored leadership development programs. The assessment provides valuable insights into a person's ability to communicate, motivate, and handle various leadership responsibilities.

Leadership Tests are used for executive roles like CEOs and CFOs, mid-level management, and team leadership. These assessments help organizations make informed decisions in talent management, development, and succession planning.

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