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Django Test to Hire Python Django Programmer

Django Test measures an applicant's knowlegde of Django features and applied skills in coding of the framework to build applications with speed and ease. This Python Django test is designed to assess key competencies on basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

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Inside this Python Django Test

Mercer Mettl's Pyton Django Test measures an applicant's knowlegde of Django features and applied skills in coding of the framework to build applications with speed and ease.

The 60-minutes test includes 19 MCQs and 1 coding problem to be solved in real-time on our back-end simulator. Designed by subject matter experts, the assessment evaluates the understanding of a candidate on three levels - basic, intermediate and advanced. The test is holistically designed to test an applicant's domain knowledge as well as applied coding skills. 

Key profiles this Dango online test is useful for:

  • Django Developer
  • Python Web developer


This Python Django Test is a part of following Skills Libraries

Python Django Competency Framework

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Online Python Django Test Competencies Under Scanner

Python Django Assessment


Hands On Programming

This Pyton Django test measures an applicant real-life back-end coding skills.

Python Basics

Subskills evluated in this test are, understanding of Python Strings, Functions and lists.

Python Django

Subskills evluated are: URL mapping, Static File, Template System, Form Validation, Filters, Views, Models, Forms, Object Relation Mappers, Views and URL Confs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, it is possible. Please contact Mercer | Mettl for assistance.

Yes, it can be done. In case of further information, please write to Mercer | Mettl.

Some of the major uses of Python language are given below:
 Software development
 Web development (server-side)
 System scripting

Django is an open-source high-level web framework that encourages the fast development of written software from ideation to completion. The framework comes pre-integrated with the essential tools and is widely popular for its powerful, automatic admin interface.
 An expert developer should be well versed in the key features and functionalities of the Django framework. He/she must also be familiar with CRUD, CBV, REST, and ORM queryset filtering.  Additionally, they are expected to perform better in a Django test environment than their peers.

Given below is a list of some of the most commonly asked Python interview questions to understand the candidates’ technical expertise in the framework:
 What do you know about the Python Standard Library? Can you please specify some of the critical Standard Library modules?
 What is inheritance and its types in Python?
 What is RMO?
 Can you explain the working of Django?
 What is the MVC pattern in Django? Explain the peculiarity of the MVC model?
 What are the key features of Django?
 How do you process the requests and responses in Django?
 What’s the use of Django middlewares? When should you use them?
 What databases does Django support?
 Explain the process of setting up a Django database?
 Can you please tell us something about Django ORM?
 How do you optimize database queries via the Django ORM?
 Can you tell us the stepwise process of customizing admin interface features?
 What’s the difference between and
 What’s the process of setting up static files in Django?
 What are the inheritance styles in Django?
 Do you use any caching technique to enhance Django performance?
 What’ s the use of the session framework?
 Specify the command line used to stuff data into Django?
 Can you explain Django signals and their key components?
 That’s the long and short of it. However, employers should make use of  Python Django tests to deep dive into candidates’ specific skills and use a varied mix of problems in a technical interview instead of just theoretical questions. 

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