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Hire Tableau Developers with Tableau Analyst Skills Assessment

Tableau skills assessment is designed to evaluate a developer's proficiency in handling multiple software development tasks for the Tableau software. This Tableau assessment test measures skills in fundamental Tableau concepts, SQL Server 2012 and SQL Query Writing.

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The Tableau skills assessment test from Mercer | Mettl is widely used by recruiters to test a developer's skills in data visualization solutions to improve the business processes. This Tableau assessment test measures skills in fundamental Tableau concepts, SQL Server 2012 and SQL Query Writing. 
Designed by subject matter experts, this 60-minutes test includes 18 MCQs and 2 database query problems to be solved on our advanced simulator. The test has been holistically designed to assess the knowledge and applied skills of an aspirant. The skills are measured on three levels; basic, intermediate and advanced. 

Key profiles this Tableau skills assessment is used for:

  • Tableau Developer
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Data Visualization Expert


This Assessment is a part of following Skills Libraries

Tableau Assessment Competency Framework

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Tableau Developer Competencies Under Scanner

Tableau Assessment



This test assesses the following subkills: Query- Application & Concept, Filters Actions & Sets- Concept, Groups Bins & Hierarchies- Essential, Visualization- Essential, Internal Tool- Essential, Dashboard- Theory, and Functionality- Theory.

SQL Server 2012

This test evaluates following subskills: Error Handling - Analysis, and application of Grouping & Aggregating Data, Querying Multiple table, Sorting & Filtering Data, Writing SELECT Queries, and Using Subqueries.

SQL Query Writing

This smiluator based test evaluates applied skills in solving Database Query Questions in MS SQL programming language.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, it is possible. Please write to Mercer | Mettl for assistance.

Yes, it can be done on a client-to-client basis. Please write to Mercer | Mettl with the request; we will gladly find a solution.

A Tableau developer can leverage the Tableau software to visualize data and build critical business decisions and intelligence. The individual can offer solutions for various business processes, create reports, understand business requirements, and improve reports from the feedback over the duration.

A business intelligence (BI) developer helps design business intelligence solutions for organizational processes, implements BI systems, and maintains those systems. He/she navigates through internal corporate data and analyzes them to create data-backed decisions. A BI developer is skilled in data visualization, analytics, and business strategy.

There are five types of Tableau certifications, namely:
 Tableau Desktop Specialist exam
 Tableau Desktop Certified Professional exam
 Tableau Desktop Specialist exam
 Tableau Server Certified Associate exam
 Tableau Server Certified Professional exam
 These certifications are valid for three years from the date the title is issued; this implies that learners can have ample time to learn all the essential new features of the Tableau software between their certification exams. When it comes to the Tableau certification cost, the certified associate exam will cost $250 per sitting; the desktop certified exam will cost $100; the desktop certified professional will cost $600, and the server certified professional will cost $800.

Tableau is an interactive data visualization software leveraged to build business intelligence, analyze trends, and strategize about data-backed business plans. In the day and age of the data-based digital economy, organizations must have systems in place to understand their internal data and form some concrete understanding of what’s working for them and what’s not. Tableau developers help visualize that data, present reports and improve those over the years after understanding business requirements.

Tableau is a powerful data interaction and data visualization tool that is very popular within the financial and professional services sectors. The tool features intelligent data analytics and insight tools that break down raw data and makes it visually understandable and more interactive than ever. Tableau is used to analyze large financial datasets and draw intriguing insights that are crucial for financial decision-making.

Yes, the tool is top-rated among data science and business intelligence professionals nowadays. The reason is that the tool comes with a plethora of features and helps the user innovatively create impactful and insightful visualizations.  

Given below are the prerequisites for learning:
 Data Visualisation
 DW concepts

Tableau data visualization and data analytics tool is designed for enabling users to solve complex problems through data. 

Tableau gained popularity for its intuitive interface, allowing non-technical users to create and customize dashboards quickly and easily, enabling them to gain valuable business performance insights.

Tableau is a data visualization tool that provides graphical and pictorial representations of data.

Tableau is a useful data visualization tool utilized by data science professionals across the globe. The tool enables users to create insightful visualizations most innovatively.

Listed below are some commonly asked Tableau interview questions that recruiters ask during an interview:
 What is Tableau? Can you explain its products?
 What is Tableau? Can you explain its products?
 Explain the measures and dimensions?
 What do you understand by aggregation and disaggregation in a Tableau?
 What is a context filter, and what are its limitations?
 Define a context filter? What are its limitations?
 What are the components of the dashboard?
 What do extracts and schedules do in a Tableau server?
 What are the shelves?
 What is the maximum number of tables that can be joined in Tableau?
 How to display the top five and last five records in the same view?
 What is a Tableau dashboard?
 What is the page shelf in Tableau?

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