9 Box Model

The 9-box model – sometimes referred to as the performance vs. potential matrix – is a talent management tool to map an organization’s employees onto a 3×3 matrix consisting of performance on the x-axis and potential on the y-axis. The nine-box model is a simple but effective tool for HRs and managers to determine their employees’ current position on the performance vs. potential matrix and on whom to focus their developmental efforts. The nine-box grid model is a diagnostic tool for employee development and contributes significantly to high-potential identification, leadership development and succession planning processes.

The 9-box model consists of nine boxes, with the top right box as the ideal position and the bottom left box depicting a low score. The 9-box talent model catalyzes a developmental journey. Once employees are mapped to the 9-box model, organizations can design a unique approach for each box, which enables creating individual employee development plans.

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High potential identification is the process by which organizations identify their top-of-the-line employees who have the caliber or potential to take up more challenging roles in the future with the right training initiatives. The process of high potential identification contributes to leadership development and building a succession pipeline in an organization. High potential identification is an important organizational development strategy that helps you identify, develop, and retain your high potential employees.

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HiPo Identification for Enhanced Business Outcomes

Measure the potential of your talent and make objective organizational decisions

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