Multi Rater

Multi rater is a term used for surveys and feedback processes that involve ratings from multiple sources. Examples of multi rater processes include 360 degree feedback, 720 appraisal methods, company board evaluation, franchise review, etc. The purpose of adopting a multi rater approach for reviews and appraisals is gaining a holistic and unbiased perspective regarding the subject’s abilities and performance. 

Multi rater refers to surveys, reviews, appraisals, and feedback processes that are based on multiple ratings from multiple sources. The multi rater approach ensures a holistic evaluation of a system, organization, or candidate and helps identify potential, hidden strengths, and improvement areas efficiently. The insightful nature of multi rater processes is what makes them a futuristic, unbiased, and highly reliable alternative to traditional feedback methods.

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360-degree feedback is a feedback tool used in the review and appraisal process of employees. As the name suggests, 360-degree feedback is the process of taking feedback of an employee from everyone who has a close working relationship with them. This includes feedback from managers, peers, subordinates, clients, etc. The tool ensures that employees get a holistic view of their strengths and areas of improvements and can place their work in the context of the organization. The 360-degree feedback process can also be used to identify skill gaps and high potential employees.

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