Mettl provides test administrators with a complete, all-in-one assessment solution. Read through the steps below to see how our innovative platform intuitively facilitates the assessment process from creation to analysis.


Admin Creates A Test

Test administrators create an online test, selecting questions from their personal bank or utilizing Mettl's vast library of SME verified assessments. Tests can be customized to suit the administrator's parameters for section configuration, question order, test duration, scoring logic, and more.


Candidates Receive Testing Invites

Administrators invite test takers to begin their assessment. Invitations can be set to specific dates, times, or IP addresses.


Proctors Are Selected

Administrators can either provide their own proctors or utilize Mettl's trained online assessment proctors. Our proctors are specifically trained to the client's standard operating procedure, making for a seamless transition to our online platform.


Candidates Are Verified

Test candidates verify their identity via webcam and government issued ID card. Proctors survey candidate surroundings and run diagnostic scans on candidate computers before beginning testing. Mettl automatically blocks screen sharing and remote desktop applications to prevent cheating.


Testing Begins

Once the test begins, proctors have full access to tester video feeds and computer screens. Proctors and administrators can chat with test-takers or broadcast messages to multiple candidates at once. Proctors can also take screenshots, terminate a specific user's test session, or re-authenticate candidates based on pre-test image captures.


Reports Are Automatically Generated

When the test concludes, reports are automatically generated and sent to the test administrator, along with useful data such as live feed recordings, screen captures, and proctor chat logs. Reports can be customized to provide highly relevant, actionable data.


Candidate Finishes the Test

Add more progress events and milestones to the left or right side of the timeline. Each event can be tagged with a date and given a beautiful icon to symbolize it's spectacular meaning.