How LinkedIN is important for you Job aspirations

You must have heard a lot many times from your professors, peers and web that LinkedIn helps to find god jobs related to one’s domain or expertise. There are many companies which post their jobs on the professional networking site and receive a large number of applications too. But do you really know how to apply for jobs on LinkedIn? If you don’t, then you are certainly missing out on a very powerful tool which holds the promise of getting you the job of your dreams. In this blog, we will look into the details of how to apply for a job on LinkedIn.

Prepare your resume

The first task is to create a LinkedIn profile just like you would prepare your best resume. Your profile must be up-to-date and well written. The organization of the various aspects of the resume also plays a crucial role. The profile must describe your experience and must play enough emphasis on your roles and achievements. Make sure to have adequate number of good recommendations for your profile and a lot of endorsements from credible sources. Once the profile is complete, the job search can begin.

Start smart search

The top navigation bar on LinkedIn has an option called “Jobs”. Click on the link and type the keywords related to your domain or expertise. For instance, if you are an electrical engineer, then type keywords like, ‘electrical engineers’, ‘heavy electronics’, ‘power electronics’ etc. You can also add keywords based on job title you are looking for or the company you are aiming at or even the skill set you have got. Keywords like ‘PLC’, ‘consulting’, ‘digital marketing’, ‘Schneider Electric’, etc. can be helpful in the job search.
Try the slider that helps you to mention the seniority level you are looking for in the job profile. The slider goes from entry level to executive. You can also mention the company size you are aiming at with the slider that goes from small to large.

Other options

Many companies post jobs on their page. You can visit the profiles of your peers and connections and click on the logo of the company they work for. The pages of many companies show a list of available jobs that you can apply to. There is a drop-down next to the search box. One of the options in the drop-down in ‘companies’. Enter a company’s name or better visit the page of the company and share your LinkedIn profile with the company.


When you view a job posting, you will find three options, viz. Apply for the job, Save and Share. Click on ‘Apply for the job’ after following the company. You will be able to either directly apply to the job on LinkedIn or will be redirected to the company’s website. For jobs that you apply through LinkedIn, your profile will be forwarded automatically. You can also add a cover letter.

LinkedIn is much more than creating a profile and connecting with professionals. It is also about applying and getting your dream jobs, just by being active on the professional networking circles.