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"After using Mettl’s services we have seen an overall rise in the quality of recruits, especially the management hires. The Mettl interface is user friendly and meets all kinds of hiring needs for us."

Krishna Nandu, HR Manager, Berger Paints India View More Success Stories

You need Psy-fi since one size doesn’t fit all

Looking for performers who deliver stellar results?

Recruit Candidates using Mettl's online platform

Meet the Rockstar

Hiring for key roles where sync with organization’s core competencies matters?

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Meet the Trailblazer

Need to hire those who stick around with the organization?

Hire Long term employee using Mettl's online assessment platform

Meet the Anchor

An Organization needs solutions that cater to its specific needs. Psy-Fi identifies the best hire for you.

Psy-fi combines 3 magical things

Achieve Faster hire by using Mettl's Psychometric Tests.


Mettl's assessment platform provide tools to speed up hiring


Generate reports using Mettl's Psychometric Test Platform


Psy-fi proves its mettle

Satisfied Clients

Diebold logo-Uses mettl's platform to hire the right talent
Atos logo-Checks employees knowledge using Mettl's platform
sap logo - hire desired candidates using mettl's assessment platform
Mts logo- uses Mettl's online assessment tool for recruitment

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