Competency Mapping Framework To Catapult Workforce Efficiency

Mettl's competency matrix and custom training assessments helps in stream lining employee training and development programme.

What Sears India, one of our customers, has to say about us

We have been using Mettl to measure our technical talent in the house. There has always been a strong correlation between their assessment scores and on job performance. Their accuracy is the best amongst all the tools we have used till date.

Santosh Panicker

Chief People’s Officer, Sears India

Competency Mapping Challenges

Absence Of Skill Map

Requires building of a framework to identify core-competencies for different job levels

Lack Of Talent Benchmarking Structure

Need for a standardized benchmaking for various job assessments to predict “High-Performers”

Unstructured T&D Programme

Require finding insights into employee’s behavioural aspects to form an effective training plan.

What We Do?

Skill-Gap Indentification

We introduce soft-skills analysis with our psychometric skills for 65+ job roles which measured competencies like adaptability, customer-centric attitude, planning and foresight, work excellence, leadership etc. This helps our customers in identifying the core-competencies across various job levels.

Built A Comprehensive Framework

After identifying the skill gap, our next step is to build technical and behavioural framework as per delimiting competencies which identified true “potential”. Continuing this process further, we remove limiting competencies from their competency framework to ensure no hindrance in potential to reflect itself.

Provided A Talent Benchmarking Structure

Mettl’s assessments provide essential insights into employee’s behavioural and technical aspects which further become the base for proposing a standardized benchmark structure. This helps in predicting “High-Performers” across various job roles.

The Impact

Effective Training & Development Plans

After mapping the core competencies for various job levels, customers are able to create an effective training and development programme for their fresh and existing employees which helped them improve their workforce efficiency.

Higher Productivity And Effective Appraisal Planning.

By helping predict their High Performers early, they are able to utilize them to their full potential. The effectiveness of this exercise gets reflected in their mid-yearly performance appraisals and team performance assessments.

Low Attrition

Most of our customers have decided to do-away with the conventional appraisal by 2017 and are gradually shifting towards a comprehensive employee assessment programme. This fresh development in employee empowerment along with an effective training and development plans has helped keep their attrition rate within the industry norms and expect the percentage to come down even more by next year.

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