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Company Secretary Exam: Assess aptitude for Company Secretary positions

Streamline your Company Secretary recruitment process with this highly effective aptitude test. Designed specifically for recruiters and hiring managers, this Aptitude Test for Company Secretaries accurately assesses candidates' aptitude for excelling in such roles. This Company Secretary Exam helps you accurately evaluate on-the-job skills required for secretarial, administrative and office assistant roles. 

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Inside this Company Secretary Assessment

The Company Secretary Exam is a pre-employment cognitive assessment to evaluate candidates on various vital competencies and skills necessary for success in the Company Secretary role. It helps assess multiple cognitive abilities and skills crucial for success in the role. It evaluates proficiency in four sections: reasoning aptitude, quantitative aptitude, verbal ability, and email writing.

The reasoning aptitude section aims to determine candidates' logical thinking abilities through questions on the linear and ranking arrangement, puzzles, directions, deduction, inference, interpretation, evaluation of arguments, recognition of assumptions, and image-based attention to detail. It attempts to analyze a candidate's analytical and problem-solving skills, which are crucial for managing intricate corporate scenarios.

The quantitative aptitude section covers topics on numerical proficiency, such as percentage, ratio and proportion, profit and loss, averages, mixture and alligations, permutation and combination, and probability. Evaluating candidates' quantitative aptitude enables hiring managers to determine how well they perform calculations, comprehend financial data, and make informed decisions.

Verbal ability is another crucial component of the Company Secretary Exam, which gauges candidates' linguistic abilities and communication skills. The section covers topics such as fill-in-the-blank, sentence correction, spot the error, para jumbles, synonyms, antonyms, and reading comprehension. Furthermore, the email writing section has been included in determining whether a candidate can convey information effectively and conform to standard email writing conventions while maintaining professionalism.

These competencies offer a comprehensive understanding of a candidate's cognitive prowess and employability skills associated with the Company Secretary position.


The Company Secretary plays an essential role in an organization. They undertake various administrative jobs to ensure the smooth running of the business by coordinating and executing necessary official procedures. They must communicate clearly and precisely, manage their duties through wise planning, prioritize work and optimize time and act with diligent attention and focus. 

The responsibilities and intricacies of this job mandate that individuals should possess an in-depth knowledge of corporate governance, adherence to legal regulations, and business acumen.

Employers are searching for candidates who can adeptly maneuver complex corporate situations, oversee regulatory compliance, and ensure seamless operational flow. However, identifying candidates with such a specific aptitude is more challenging than it seems. These roles require a blend of financial acumen, legal knowledge, critical thinking, and excellent communication skills.

Therefore, employers seeking to assess candidates for secretarial roles can use the Company Secretary Exam to screen and evaluate candidates before hiring. This pre-employment aptitude test identifies the best-fit applicants based on reasoning aptitude, quantitative aptitude, verbal ability, and email writing skills. 

This Secretarial Skills Test is a comprehensive evaluation of cognitive competencies to identify the best candidate who can excel in the dynamic and challenging field of Company Secretaryship, ensuring a smooth transition into the organization and sustained accomplishment in the role.

The test is helpful for recruiters and organizations hiring candidates for secretarial, administrative, and assistant roles. It is most appropriate for hiring both freshers and experienced candidates. 


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Company Secretary Aptitude Assessment Competency Framework

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Company Secretary Assessment


Reasoning aptitude

Questions in this section extend across topics such as linear arrangement, ranking arrangement, puzzles, directions, deduction, inference, interpretation, evaluation of arguments, recognition of assumptions, and attention to detail (ATD – image-based).

Quantitative aptitude

This section covers the following topics: Percentage, ratio and proportion, profit and loss, averages, mixture and alligations, permutation and combination, and probability.

Verbal ability

Questions in this section cover these topics: Fill in the blank, sentence correction, spot the error, para jumbles, synonyms, antonyms, and reading comprehension.

Email writing

This section evaluates candidates' proficiency in email writing, evaluating their skills to articulate information clearly and professionally through written correspondence.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Aptitude Test for Secretaries is a specialized assessment to gauge candidates' aptitude for determining suitability for secretarial positions. This test evaluates various cognitive aptitudes, including problem-solving abilities, verbal and written communication, time management, organizational and administrative skills, etc. Administering a Secretary Skills Assessment can help determine a person's suitability for executing tasks and responsibilities commonly associated with secretarial roles.

The test report examines candidates' scores in various desired competencies, comparing them to benchmark scores. It includes a comprehensive analysis of the candidate's performance in each competency, with recommendations based on weighted average scores. These recommendations are tailored to specific skill sets and job roles. 

Indeed, we have a comprehensive process for competency mapping that is highly adaptable to meet your specific needs. If you send us your request, we would be delighted to provide you with the necessary assistance. 

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