Identify high potential based on problem solving and decision-making abilities with Cognitive Abilities Test

What does the Cognitive Abilities test measure?

This Cognitive Ability test focuses on two of the most important competencies required to perform well in any job. The test aims to assess the ability of a person to learn and absorb information and apply that learning to solve problems and take prompt actions. This is assessed through Abstract Reasoning and Critical Thinking.

Why is testing Cognitive Abilities Test important?

This Cognitive Aptitude test is designed to help measure a person’s ability to think on their feet, make meaning of ambiguity and formulate new concepts when faced with novel information. It includes questioning assumptions, making evaluations that are fair and accurate and requires the ability to identify and focus on relevant information when reaching conclusions. 

Prominent Use Cases

Identifying the high potential: Abstract Reasoning and Critical Thinking are "must have" skills for roles involving strategic thinking, creative problem solving and decision making. Performing well in these skills require high levels of clear and accurate thinking, problem identification, holistic situation assessment, and evaluation of tentative solutions for consistency with all available information.


Hiring and Succession Planning: To hire and promote the best, you need a consistent process to identify the best candidates. Use this Cognitive Assessment to assess if a person has a logical way of thinking and whether he/she focuses on how ideas are approached with clarity and precision.


Training and Development: For employees to improve their decision making and strategic thinking ability, training & development managers use the report to help executives, managers and team members learn to apply and develop their critical thinking and abstract reasoning skills to be more effective and productive in their jobs.

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Key profiles the test is useful for:

  • Management/Graduates/Undergraduate trainees
  • Experienced professionals across industries
  • Roles for which "strategic thinking" and "decision making" are "must have" traits.

Test Details:

Number of sections


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Test duration     

60 minutes

Test language    


NOTE: If required, the test can be provided in other languages as well. Please connect with us for any such requirement.

Competency Details:

Critical Thinking

Demonstrating the ability to use rational thinking and critically assess the given information to identify assumptions, draw inferences and evaluate arguments.

Abstract Reasoning

Demonstrating the ability to analyse information, detect patterns and relationships, and solve complex and intangible problems and to perform well in a new/novel situation.

Answer to common queries:

What is Cognitive Ability?

Cognitive Ability is the ability of the brain to carry out core tasks like thinking, memorizing, paying attention, visualizing and interpreting the surroundings. Together these skills form Crystallized Intelligence and Fluid Intelligence in a person, which in turn forms General Intelligence (Cognitive Ability) in a person.

What is Cognitive Performance?

The Cognitive skills used to carry out tasks determine our Cognitive Performance. It is the ability of a person to use Reasoning, Problem Solving capabilities to perform the day to day activities.

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