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Personality mapping test to assess key personality traits scientifically

Mettl Personality Map-Forced choice (MPM-FC) has a short test duration and reduced scope for socially desirable responding, making it an ideal tool for recruitment and selection. MPM-FC helps companies identify the strongest personality traits of candidates for all job roles and levels.

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Mettl Personality Map–Forced Choice (MPM-FC) assesses 28 contemporary, work-related personality traits. MPM-FC is a Forced Choice version of the original Mettl Personality Map (MPM). The assessment is a partially ipsative measure which allows comparison of scores between individuals as well as identifies the strongest personality traits of each individual.  
The MPM-FC has a short test duration (average time taken - 16 minutes) and a significantly reduced scope for response biases. 

  • MPM-FC can assist organizations in selecting candidates whose personalities align with specific job requirements.
  • The assessment can be used to assess applicants for a wide variety of professional jobs, including individual contributor positions, lower-to- upper-level management jobs across occupations, industries, and education levels. 
  • Additionally, it can provide valuable insights into whether a candidate is a good fit for a particular organizational culture, considering both its needs and characteristics.
  • ⁠MPM-FC can be used to identify an individual’s relative strengths within a job setting. Information about such intra-personal and inter-personal variables, can help organizations design more effective training programs.


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Personality Competency Framework

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Personality Map Competencies Under Scanner






Leading by Example

Demonstrating an ability to lead a group of people by consistently motivating them, and working towards deriving solutions which generally benefit everybody involved.

Strategic Orientation

Demonstrating an ability to consider the short and long term implications of one's actions and decisions on the organization.


Demonstrating an ability to innovate to ensure that the organization stays relevant and current with changing times.


Initiative Taking

Demonstrating an eagerness to work on tasks without being told and effectively modifying one's knowledge basis the availability of latest trends.


Demonstrating a tendency to adjust and adapt oneself to change and not allow oneself to get bogged down when situations are dynamic and constantly evolving.

Ethical Propensity

Demonstrating a tendency to be honest and ethical in all transactions with internal and external stakeholders, so as to earn their trust. Being considered a trusted partner by others.



Demonstrating an ability to build professional networks and personal relationships within and outside the organization as a way of gathering information and resources to ensure individual as well as organizational success.

Negotiation & Influence

Demonstrating an ability to effectively convince and compromise with others to achieve end results.

Team Work

Demonstrating an ability to work effectively with each other, ensuring that everyone is treated with respect and sensitivity despite individual differences to accomplish common objectives.


Service Orientation

Demonstrating an ability to ensure excellent service to internal as well as external customers and constantly raising the bar of the service experience that customers enjoy.

Result Orientation

Demonstrating a strong will to achieve what one sets out to do. Focusing one's energy and resources to finish what one has started.

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