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Writing skills assessment to assess the writing skills of candidates

Writing skills assessment enables you to hire and upskill candidates to match the required English writing  and communication skills. 

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Writing skills are an essential part of the overall communication process because expressing ideas through the written word is one of the highly coveted skills. A well-written piece can persuade and influence people in various situations and facilitate an open exchange of ideas and information. From writing a report, sales proposal or a marketing presentation to writing emails to clients, good writing skills ensure that the message is delivered effectively. Mercer| Mettl's writing skills assessment is an AI simulator specially designed to assess writing skills. 

This writing simulator auto-evaluates a candidate on four significant areas in an essay: coherence, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. It also indicates the readability of the text written by the candidates. This writing ability assessment will help employers glean insights into candidate's writing skills, such as the approach taken to structure a mail or message considering grammar, vocabulary, syntax, and other nuances of the language. Poorly written emails and messages hamper the understanding of the information and create a poor professional impression on the receiver, which is why Mercer| Mettl's writing assessment test is instrumental in testing writing skills accurately and objectively. Moreover, it helps evaluate whether candidates can use appropriate language and style of communication that is relevant to the situation and the people being addressed.

Key profiles the test is used for:

  • Sales representatives
  • Content Writers
  • Consultants
  • Editorial Roles

Use this test for:

  • Recruitment: Identify the suitable candidate for your organization by using this test.
  • Learning and Development: Understand the current proficiency level of an employee; train and develop employees effectively.


This Assessment is a part of following Skills Libraries

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Mettl Writing Skills Assessment



This writing skills assessment can help assess the candidate's ability to communicate via the written text clearly and concisely using correct grammar, spellings and punctuations and rich vocabulary while keeping the text simple to understand.

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This accounting skills assessment can help assess candidates' ability to demonstrate thoroughness and accuracy in accomplishing a task and capturing every minute detail, anywhere, at any point of time, ensuring quality and timelines for completing work.

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The accounting skills assessment can help assess the candidates' ability to analyze the given information from different perspectives by breaking it down into simple components, structuring the information logically, and analyzing the relationship between different information points to arrive at a solution.

Verbal Ability

The accounting skills assessment can help assess candidates' ability to demonstrate a good command of the English language and understand, comprehend, and convey written messages precisely and clearly by formulating grammatically correct sentences.

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This accounting skills assessment can help assess the candidates' ability to analyze large amounts of numeric data and structure it comprehensively to find patterns and trends to support decision-making.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A writing skills assessment helps evaluate written communication skills of a candidate. It helps in assessing the proficiency of a candidate while communicating ideas and thoughts through the written word. Mettl's Writing Skills Assessment evaluates a candidate's writing skills on different parameters like grammar, vocabulary, coherence and spellings. 

Writing skills can be improved by regular practice. The candidate should know the goal of writing a particular message. The candidate should make sure that whatever he/she writes is achieveing that goal. If the candidate is very poor in writing skills, then he/she should first try writing simple and direct sentences. For more tips on improving writing skills, please write to us.