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Aptitude & Technical Test for Mechanical Engineers: Assess & hire top engineers

This Aptitude and Technical Test for Mechanical Engineers is specifically designed for mechanical engineers, aiming to assess their technical aptitude, application, and work-related skills. It is a pre-employment screening tool that helps predict job success for mechanical engineers. The test helps identify individuals with the technical skills and aptitude required to succeed in mechanical engineering roles.

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Inside this Aptitude & Technical Test for Mechanical Engineers

The Aptitude & Technical Test for Mechanical Engineers is a comprehensive pre-hire assessment to gauge the suitability and potential of candidates in mechanical engineering. It evaluates various competencies critical for success in this profession.  

Cognitive ability: This aspect of the test focuses on evaluating a candidate's mechanical aptitude using cognitive skills, such as analytical thinking, problem-solving, abstract reasoning, and numerical reasoning proficiency. The aptitude test aims to assess these abilities to find individuals who can approach complex engineering challenges, process and evaluate information effectively, and develop innovative solutions. Candidates with strong cognitive skills excel in complex problem-solving tasks and adapt better to dynamic work environments. 

Technical knowledge: This test section evaluates a candidate's understanding and grasp of fundamental mechanical engineering principles and concepts. It encompasses various areas of expertise such as machine design, thermodynamics, manufacturing processes, strength of materials, and fluid mechanics. Proficiency in the technical concepts of mechanical engineering is essential for candidates to implement principles effectively, make well-informed design selections, and ensure mechanical systems' safety and optimal performance. 

Including these competencies in the test represents a comprehensive evaluation process beyond determining theoretical knowledge. By evaluating these competencies, the test helps identify well-rounded individuals with the necessary technical expertise and the analytical thinking and problem-solving skills required to succeed and excel in mechanical engineering.    

Screen candidates for the following profiles using the test: 

  • Mechanical engineers 
  • Design engineers 
  • Industrial engineers 


The demand for mechanical engineering talent in the job market remains steadily high. Mechanical engineers play a substantial role in devising, developing, and optimizing various mechanical systems and processes across the automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, and energy sectors. Innovation, sustainability, and efficiency are of utmost importance in these sectors, leading to a sustained demand for skilled mechanical engineers who play a considerable role in the success and growth of organizations. From developing advanced machinery to fine-tuning production processes and maintaining safety standards of mechanical systems, the competence of mechanical engineers is required to attain operational perfection and foster technological growth.

Hiring the most suitable mechanical engineering talent can be tedious for organizations. Identifying individuals with the right balance of technical knowledge, critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and communication capabilities can be challenging unless a thorough screening process is created. Moreover, the competitive job market further augments the complexities of the hiring process. Organizations must ascertain that they select only those candidates who match the specified technical requirement and align perfectly with the company culture. 

The Aptitude and Technical Test for Mechanical Engineers is helpful as it helps recruiters prescreen and identify top talent for organizations. By evaluating competencies such as technical knowledge and cognitive abilities, the test allows employers to assess the candidate's potential effectively and efficiently. It aims to identify individuals who are well-rounded in their abilities by assessing both cognitive aptitude and technical knowledge.

The test assists employers in making well-informed decisions regarding prospective hires. It aids in identifying individuals who possess the necessary qualifications to excel in mechanical engineering positions.


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Mechanical Aptitude and Technical Test Competency Framework

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Mechanical Engineering Aptitude and Technical Test Competencies Under Scanner

Mechanical Engineering Aptitude Test


Cognitive ability

The following cognitive skills are covered in this section: Analytical ability and problem-solving, abstract reasoning, verbal ability, and numeric reasoning.

Technical knowledge

This technical section includes the following competencies: Machines and their elements design, thermodynamics, heat transfer and applications, manufacturing and industrial processes, the strength of materials and solid mechanics, and fluid mechanics and turbomachinery.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Mechanical engineers are expected to be technically sound with excellent problem-solving skills. In addition, listed below are some skills that are imperatively needed for mechanical engineers:  

  • Numerical and scientific ability
  • Technical prowess
  • Ability to work under deadlines
  • Creativity
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills

The Mercer | Mettl Aptitude and Technical Test for Mechanical Engineers is designed to help organizations assess essential competencies that mechanical engineers require to perform well. It covers mechanical and technical aptitude questions focusing on cognitive and functional competencies such as reasoning ability, numeric reasoning, and crucial mechanical engineering concepts.    

Mechanical Engineering Aptitude and Technical Tests are pre-employment screening assessments administered for hiring for technical positions, which assess a candidate's ability to apply mechanical principles and concepts to solve complex problems.