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Hire the Best Talent Using the Aptitude test for Research Analysts

An aptitude test for research analysts is a pre-employment test to identify professionals with the essential knowledge, skills, and aptitude required to undertake a research analyst role. The test enables employers to gauge the candidate's suitability for the research analyst position.

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Inside This Aptitude test for Research Analysts

Cognitive abilities have been associated with job performance and the person's ability to learn new skills and solve problems using those skills. In contrast, candidates' knowledge and proficiency suggest how much training is required to maximize job performance.  The research analyst aptitude test provides a comprehensive candidate evaluation by measuring job-specific cognitive ability, knowledge, and skills. Each test module offers crucial data for hiring decisions.

Research analysts are the pillars of forward-looking, data-driven organizations. So, critical thinking abilities, statistical proficiency, and numerical reasoning skills are essential for marketing analysts. The aptitude test for market research analysts evaluates the potential candidates for the abovementioned skills. These pre-employment tests are recognized as one of the most effective tools for identifying top talent in this field. Hiring managers can also use these assessments in unison with personality tests, including benchmarks for research analysts to assess their job fits and personality traits that are tuned to job performance for marketing analysts.


The success of any business hinges significantly on the intelligence built around crucial industry trends, brand awareness, consumer insights, and the approach to selling products/services. Market research analysts play a substantial part in carrying out these endeavors by analyzing market trends and submitting the findings of their analysis to the company management. Research analysts typically possess sharp analytical skills and can discern trends and patterns by making sense of raw data. Nowadays, organizations rely too much on proprietary data and surveys, with many analysts preparing insightful reports using statistical modeling software.   

A talented market research analyst subsumes skills from various disciplines to present logical and riveting presentations and studies. Accomplished analysts can effectively articulate business trends so that marketing teams can make well-informed decisions. Also, marketing analysts must have critical thinking skills and statistical and mathematical fluency. Thus, the aptitude test for research analysts that measures quantitative abilities and problem-solving skills helps assess prospective employees in this domain.   

The online aptitude test for research analysts is a helpful assessment method to screen applicants for analyst profiles and evaluate the crucial skills and abilities required to succeed. This aptitude test has been designed with critical insights from experienced subject matter experts to assess candidates' aptitude in market research as per industry standards. Thus, the online aptitude test for market research analysts enables the HR (Human Resource) staff and hiring managers to identify and hire the most relevant candidates. It would also be safe to assume that employers hiring professionals for research associate profiles can use these tests because the appropriate aptitude and skills could be the same for both roles. And they can leverage the research associate aptitude test to determine whether the prospective candidate is ready for the position.   

Through these aptitude tests, the emphasis is laid upon assessing the candidate's cognitive abilities and job readiness rather than professional experience or theoretical knowledge. Besides, employers can also access in-depth reports to analyze the test taker's performance. Therefore, it enables them to make a well-informed hiring decision and predict the applicant's performance.   


This Aptitude Test for Research Analyst is a part of following Skills Libraries

Competency Framework for Research Analyst Aptitude Test

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Research Associate Aptitude Test Competencies Under Scanner

Aptitude Test For Research Analyst


Numerical Ability

This aptitude test for research analysts helps assess the ability to perceive and process numbers and related functions to perform basic arithmetic operations while maintaining accuracy and speed in doing calculations.

Arithmetic Ability

This aptitude test for operations executive helps assess the ability to perceive and process numbers and related functions to perform basic arithmetic operations while maintaining accuracy and speed in doing calculations.

Reasoning Ability

Use this online aptitude test to assess the ability to analyze the given information from different perspectives by breaking it down into simple components, structuring the information logically, and analyzing the relationship between different information points to arrive at a solution.

Verbal Ability

Use this aptitude test to assess candidates who have a good command of English and can understand, comprehend, and convey written messages precisely and clearly by formulating grammatically correct sentences.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Given below are the essential skills for market research analysts:   

  • Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure   
  • Attentiveness to detail and analytical bent of mind   
  • Ability to find data patterns in statistics   
  • A keen interest in human behavior and psychology   
  • Strong organizational skills   
  • Good organizational skills   
  • Excellent oral and written skills   
  • Bold presentation skills   
  • Business and commercial awareness   
  • Adoption of the systematic work approach   
  • Familiarity with various statistical concepts   
  • Strong IT (Information Technology) skills   
  • Teamwork and Flexibility

Research analysts must work on data interpretation, abstract reasoning, numerical reasoning, and critical thinking. They need to stay on top of the current industry trends in various sectors, possess statistical fluency, and have the knowledge of leveraging business data for making crucial decisions. Their skills should pivot around core subject areas, including ways to improve business operations, identify barriers, or suggest improvements.   

  • Undertaking primary and secondary research   
  • Classifying research data   
  • Exploring and using research tools   
  • Scope of market research   
  • Creating strategy for research and its implementation

These jobs typically require candidates with a bachelor's degree and preferably work experience of two or three years. Candidates with a master's degree and relevant knowledge can apply for senior-level analyst roles. Listed below are some of the best college majors for a lucrative career as a market research analyst:    

  • Business administration
  • Marketing
  • Statistics
  • Economics
  • Sociology
  • Psychology

The Mercer | Mettl aptitude test for research analysts is tailored for recruitment. However, we can do benchmarking for custom sample sets as well. Please write to us about your request; we will gladly assist you.

We have previously customized test reports based on the client’s requirements. So please write to us with your request, and we will be glad to provide you with a solution.

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