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Integrity Assessment to Hire Honest, Reliable and Responsible Candidates

An integrity assessment is a pre-employment screening evaluation that enables employers to understand candidates' tendency to be responsible, ethical, and trustworthy in a better way. By mapping candidates' preferences toward certain behaviors, these tests can bring integrity issues to the fore. 

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Integrity is an essential trait of every employee in an organization. As advised by Warren Buffet, integrity is one of the three qualities an organization should look for before hiring its employees, as it directly affects one’s behavior and attitude at the workplace. According to an analysis, candidates with high integrity display more commitment to one’s work, leading to more productivity. 

Integrity assessments are personality tests that help employers determine the integrity levels of potential hires and employees at the workplace. These tests are carried out to determine an individual’s tendency, to be honest, dependable, and value driven. This psychometric integrity test is crucial for organizations planning to hire ideal growth-oriented and truthful candidates. In addition, these tests are pivotal to assessing job performance accurately because people with high integrity are more likely to be diligent in their work.


Employee integrity assessment, also known as honesty assessment, is a personality testing tool for assessing candidates' integrity by gauging their tendencies towards specific behaviors. Companies often administer pre-employment honesty tests during pre-hire screening processes, but they can be equally helpful in uncovering the underlying behavioral aspects of existing employees. Integrity psychometric tests aim to predict the probability of a potential candidate or employee exhibiting unethical, counterproductive behavior that could negatively affect an organization's effectiveness and profitability.

As well as gauging qualities such as honesty, reliability, conscientiousness, etc., this pre-employment honesty test helps uncover whether the candidate has a strong work ethic. Previous research showed that Integrity Psychometric Test outcomes serve as a good representation of overall job performance. The evidence suggests that candidates with high test scores are more likely to be productive and aligned with their roles. The test helps to find candidates who lack integrity and helps shed light on counterproductive work behaviors (such as absenteeism, deviance, disciplinary problems, cyberloafing, etc.). So, it goes without saying that candidates with significantly lesser test scores are more likely to be less productive and unsuitable for the job. 


This Integrity Assessment is a part of following Skills Libraries

Integrity Assessment Competency Framework

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Integrity Assessment Competencies Under Scanner

Behavioural Competencies



Demonstrating the ability to be truthful with oneself and others about one's actions and intentions.


Demonstrating a tendency to be transparent in one's work and relationships with all internal and external stakeholders.

Reliability and dependability

Demonstrating a tendency to be conscientious in one's professional efforts; the need to be sincere and consistent in one's service.

Process adherence

Demonstrating the ability to follow standard procedures and adhere to rules and regulations to ensure compliance and efficiency in the workplace.

Impulse control

Demonstrating the ability to recognize and manage one’s emotions and impulses when provoked.

Intrinsic motivation

Demonstrating the ability to stay focused and driven to accomplish goals, even in the face of adversity or obstacles. The tendency to work on a task with perseverance.

Commitment to organization

Demonstrating a tendency to remain committed and feel a sense of security and belongingness to the organization.

Self discipline

Demonstrating strength in one's convictions with which one rules one's conduct; the compulsion that one must be true to the ideals one has set for oneself.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Mercer | Mettl integrity assessment is tailored for recruitment. However, we can do benchmarking for custom sample sets as well. Please write to us about your request; we will gladly assist you. 

We have previously customized Pre-employment Integrity Test reports based on the client’s requirements. So please write to us with your request, and we will be glad to provide you with a solution.

Text BoxThere is a four-step process to ensure that you onboard candidates with high ethical standards: 

  • When you create a new job announcement, make it a point to emphasize that you are looking for applicants with integrity. 
  • Unstructured interviews will not suffice when achieving the desired results. For that, you need to prepare your questions strategically. This way, you can channel efforts toward ethical standards that matter most to you. 
  • Administering integrity assessments can help determine how potential applicants might blend in with your current teams. 
  • Checking the employment history of a prospective candidate also goes a long way in uncovering hidden aspects of an applicant's integrity. For that purpose, interactions with former bosses to double-check employment dates and other crucial details will always be helpful. 

Integrity is an important quality of an employee who is trustworthy and cooperative, among other essential attributes. In addition, employees with integrity strictly adhere to organizational norms and place a premium on fulfilling the company's objectives. That is why integrity is a highly coveted attribute to consider while making a hiring decision.

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