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Facebook ads test to assess a candidate's Facebook advertising core competencies

Facebook ads test allows you to test a candidate's Facebook marketing skills, such as finding target audiences, maximizing reach, and running campaigns as per the overall digital marketing strategy. In addition, this Facebook advertising test assesses candidate's skills in Facebook ad platforms.

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Inside This Assessment

"Mercer | Mettl's Facebook ads test is intended for thoroughly evaluating the candidate's Facebook-marketing skills such as - finding target audiences, maximizing reach, creating and using creative images and running campaigns as per the overall digital marketing strategy. In addition, this test also evaluates a candidate's understanding of current trends in analytics and their understanding of Facebook advertising platforms covering both paid and organic marketing methods.

This comprehensive functional test has been designed to evaluate a candidate’s ability to optimize Facebook marketing by planning and executing media campaigns, managing content development and execution, and website management, in addition to basic conceptual knowledge and understanding of different media platforms. 

Designed by subject matter experts, this Facebook advertising test helps identify those candidates who demonstrate an exceptional ability to create effective Facebook marketing campaigns, optimize them and track their performance. The skills of the candidate are evaluated on three levels - easy, medium and difficult. The Facebook advertising test contains 35 questions to be completed in 35 minutes

Candidates who perform well in this test can help organizations in:

  • Increasing website traffic
  • Generating more leads and increasing prospects conversation rate 
  • Developing a strong brand

The Facebook ads test is used to assess these crucial skills:

  • Facebook Page/Profile Setup - Ability to use page/profile dimensions, publishing features and publishing tools to create, edit and set up the Facebook profile/ page.
  • Facebook Tools - Ability to use tools within Facebook’s applications, extensions, insights, tactics, and bots to make a Facebook advertisement more effective to achieve the project objective.
  • Facebook Marketing Ads - Ability to use Advert Placement, Facebook paid Ads, targeting, Advert Format and Quality Score to create and maintain Facebook Advertisements.
  • Customer Engagement and Retention - Ability to effectively expose the brand to various audiences, define the target audience and use content algorithms, page insights and other practices.
  • Facebook Web/ Page Analytics - Ability to use post insights, SDK  and analytics to get a deep understanding of where and how a user interacts with the business across Facebook.

Key profiles the test is helpful for:

  • Facebook Marketing Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Associate
  • Social Media Marketing Analyst


This Assessment is a part of following Skills Libraries

Facebook Competency Framework

Get a detailed look inside the test

Competency Under Scanner

Facebook Marketing


Facebook Page/Profile Setup

Demonstrating an ability to use Facebook's page/profile dimensions, publishing features and publishing tools to create and set up a Facebook page or a Facebook profile.

Facebook Tools

Demonstrating an ability to use Facebook's marketing tools, applications, tactics, insights, etc. to advertise and achieving the project objective in an efficient manner.

Facebook Marketing_Ads

Demonstrating an ability to use Facebook's paid ads, advert placement, quality score, etc. to create and maintain advertisements on Facebook.

Customer Engagement and Retention

Demonstrating an ability to use Facebook's content algorithm, page insights, etc. to target audience and to expose the brands effectively to different audiences.

Facebook Web/Page Analytics

Demonstrating an ability to use Facebook's analytics, post insights, etc. to understand where and how users interact with businesses across Facebook.

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P D Jose

P D Jose

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The validity of Mercer | Mettl''s assessments is exceptionally robust. It enabled us to funnel people who were precisely the type we needed. Mercer | Mettl helped us to accurately identify high-potential candidates within our internal team. more

Sonal Kapur Sinha

Sonal Kapur Sinha

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Mercer | Mettl''s platform and the science behind it are highly intuitive and systematic for the test-takers. Customized assessments, how data is aggregated, and how you can download insightful reports directly from the system - stood out for us from more

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Saranya Mukherjee

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Dr. Fuad Said

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Jasmine Calpo

Aptitude & Special Tests Unit Test Development Section

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The quality of the recruitment increased, because previously we were not having any assessment. The quality of assessments and the quality of reports are very well catering to our requirements. The reports are very expansive, and it gives more light more

Dinesh Jagnani

Dinesh Jagnani

Deputy Manager, Talent Management

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