Hire IT Administrator with experience in Linux

An IT Administrator is responsible for the maintenance, configuration, and seamless operation of computer systems, servers, and security systems. They make key decisions in setting up of security infrastructure like firewalls and controlling/assigning access to network resources in the organization. The job also entails providing technical assistance to customer queries/complaints, maintaining service aligning with ITIL frameworks, and escalating incidents as per requirement.

This test will help you in:

  • Measuring knowledge of Infrastructure operations and Cloud Computing
  • Measuring experience with virtual machines using VMware
  • Measuring competence in Active Directory and Linux operating systems
  • Measuring experience in ITIL frameworks
  • Measuring competence in IT Helpdesk operations

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This is a 60-minutes test aimed at thoroughly evaluating the knowledge, concepts, application, and analysis skills of the target audience in IT administration and helpdesk operations. The test has 38 items divided into six sections as follows:


  • 8 MCQ/MCA items based on Linux
  • 10 MCQ/MCA items based on Infrastructure concepts
  • 5 MCQ/MCA items based on ITIL knowledge
  • 5 MCQ/MCA items based on Cloud Computing
  • 5 MCQ/MCA items based on Active Directory
  • 5 MCQ/MCA items based on VMware


Recommended experience bracket of target audience: 1-3 years 

Difficulty level: Moderate


Why Use Mettl's Skill Test?

Mettl's IT Helpdesk/Administrator test is specially designed to cater to the level of skills that a good beginner to intermediate level IT Operations professional would be expected to possess. We can benchmark the test for specific job roles with a vast array of the global target audience that has already given the test for that job role.


Key profiles the test is useful for:

  • Systems Administrator
  • IT Administrator
  • IT Helpdesk
  • IT Associate
  • IT Support
  • Tech Support
  • IT Operations
  • IT Systems Administrator
  • Systems Engineer
  • Customer Services Associate
  • Helpdesk Associate
  • IT Infrastructure Consultant

Answer to common queries:

Q. Can candidates be benchmarked based on the internal sample set?

Yes, at Mettl, it can be done. Should you need any further information, please write to us, and we will be happy to assist you

Q. Is it possible to customize the report as per the need?

A. Yes, we can do it. We have already done it in the past for our clients. Should you need any further information, please write to us, and we will be happy to find the best solution for you.

How it works:

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step 3

Candidate take the tests

step 4

You get their tests report

Note You will be charged only at step 3. i.e. only when candidate start the test.

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  • ITeS

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