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Online Excel Test to assess intermediate Excel proficiency effectively

The Excel test is crafted to evaluate a candidate's intermediate-level Excel proficiency. It covers a range of skill sections, including Excel formulas and functions, macros and VBA, formatting, and tables and tools. The test ensures an objective and accurate evaluation of Excel skills. 

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Inside this Excel assessment

The Excel Online Test is a domain knowledge test meticulously designed to assist talent acquisition experts in efficiently evaluating applicants' intermediate Excel proficiency. The test provides a comprehensive overview of the expertise across various crucial skill domains within the Excel ecosystem. 

The test gauges the Excel proficiency effectively by presenting a range of questions to assess the critical skill sections. For instance, the ‘Formulas and functions’ section evaluates test takers' knowledge of pivotal functions for performing complex calculations and data manipulations such as formulas, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, import, etc.

The evaluation also focuses on the ‘Macros and VBA’ section, wherein examinees' understanding of macros and Visual Basic to streamline repetitive tasks. The ‘Formatting’ section emphasizes respondents' skills in presenting data compellingly to convey insights effectively.

Lastly, the ‘Tables and tools’ section underscores the significance of interpreting data through tables, charts, and graphs, necessitating that candidate highlights their skills to derive valuable insights from complex datasets.

Therefore, the Excel Test offers a well-rounded evaluation of a candidate's knowledge and proficiency within the Excel domain. It enables recruiting managers to make unbiased, informed hiring decisions that suit their organizational needs. 

The test helps to assess candidates for the following roles: 

  • Senior executive or administrative assistants 
  • Office managers or human resource assistants     
  • Sales, marketing and operations executives


Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool used extensively in most modern businesses. The Excel tool is ingrained in business processes worldwide— whether for data analysis, financial management, performance reporting, or human resources management. There is, therefore, a need to find skilled candidates with expertise in this software and an application-oriented mindset. That is where Mercer | Mettl’s Online Excel Test comes in handy. It is a pre-employment assessment that hiring managers and recruiters can use during the job screening process to ascertain how skilled candidates are in MS Excel. 

This Excel Test helps evaluate the intermediate proficiency of applicants in using Excel features, such as the ability to use Excel using shortcuts, functions and formulae, charts, pivot tables, statistical operations, and macros. This comprehensive test comprises questions of varying difficulty levels, ensuring an accurate and objective assessment of Excel skills.

Hiring managers and recruiters stand to gain substantial advantages from the Excel Test, some of them being mentioned below:

Top talent selection: By employing this test, talent acquisition experts can identify applicants of the highest skill caliber in Excel proficiency. 

Fairness in assessment: The test is administered in a secure, proctored environment through essential features such as webcam proctoring, limited system access, window violation checks, etc. 

Effective screening: Finding competent candidates for subsequent recruitment stages becomes streamlined and efficient with assessment insights. 

Comprehensive insights: Test result reports offer a thorough understanding of assessment takers' performance, facilitating objective and informed hiring decisions.

Areas of assessment 

The test gauges domain expertise in the following skills: 

  • Function and formula utilization: Ability to use functions and formulas for data analysis. 
  • Pivot table expertise: Competence in extracting actionable insights from raw data using pivot tables. 
  • Statistical analysis: Capability to perform statistical analysis to support informed decision-making. 
  • Graphs and charts mastery: Ability to represent data visually using graphs and charts. 
  • Macros and advanced functions: Proficiency in automating spreadsheets and leveraging advanced Excel functions. 


This Online Excel Test is a part of following Skills Libraries

Online Excel Test Competency Framework

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Intermediate Excel Test Competencies Under Scanner

Excel Test


Formulas and functions:

This section covers essential skills related to formulas and functions in Excel, such as formulas, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, functions, and import.

Macros and VBA:

This section delves into the context of automation and customization through macros and Excel VBA.


This section probes into candidates' formatting proficiency to evaluate the following skills- entering, editing, and formatting data, formatting and conditional formatting, and worksheet management.

Tables and tools:

This section aims to understand test takers' data manipulation and visualization knowledge using tables and tools. Skills covered in this section are - tables and pivot tables, data tools, graphs, and charts.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Mercer | Mettl's Excel Test measures a candidate's breadth and depth of knowledge in using Excel features beyond the basic level, including functions, formulas, charts, pivot tables, and other intermediate-level skills. 

We can do this selectively. Please communicate your request, and we would be delighted to extend our support. 

Indeed, we can address this selectively. Kindly contact us and outline your request; we are here to devise a solution that suits you.