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Assess candidates for job fit using the psychometric test for FMCG sales executives

FMCG sales executive assessment enables organizations to conduct an in-depth evaluation of candidates for FMCG sales jobs. It is a reliable and valid tool to holistically measure the FMCG sales competencies and hire the most competent professionals. 

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Consider the impact of increased sales and margins per sales representative/ personnel with more repeat customers for your organization! With the dynamically growing customers' needs and demand for genuine value, sales leaders are increasingly saying, ""it's tough penetrating in the market"".  That is perhaps why many organizations seek to fill their recruiting funnel with as many talented candidates as possible. They are geared towards hiring skilled salespeople and setting employees up for success in their sales roles. And that is where Mercer| Mettl‘s FMCG sales executive assessment comes in handy. It is a tool used to directly measure sales and business development skills and attributes and examine the factors that affect sales performance optimization. 

In addition, this flagship test from Mercer| Mettl's psychometric inventory addresses employers’ key questions, including:
How well does the potential candidate know the current and emerging best practices associated with business-to-consumer selling?
Does our team consistently apply those practices?
How are we addressing the performance gaps of our frontline sales personnel in critical areas such as needs assessments, suggestive selling, and customer service?
How can our sales team become our competitive advantage that drives customer loyalty?
Mercer| Mettl‘s FMCG sales executive assessment has the following applications:
Hiring the 'Right' Sales Talent and Improving the Existing Sales Talent:  Mercer| Mettl’s FMCG sales executive assessment combines a detailed understanding of the FMCG sales hiring process and the particular skill sets, proven to predict sales hiring success 90% of the time. Mercer|Mettl also provides customized solutions to meet your unique business requirements in FMCG sales.

Optimizing Sales Performance through 'development needs analysis': Our quantitative and validated process analyzes your salespeople, detailing each individual’s potential to become a top performer. We provide a roadmap that identifies the skills each individual must learn, the attributes they must develop, and the weaknesses they must overcome to achieve top sales success.

Increasing Sales Revenue: Armed with validated insights using Mercer| Mettl’s assessment, you can develop and initiate appropriate sales talent strategies to drive revenue, sales and business performance – creating a genuine competitive advantage.

 Key profiles the test is used for:

  • FMCG Sales Executive/ Sales Representative
  • Business Development Executive
  • Sales Apprentice
  • Assistant Sales Manager
  • Area Sales Coordinator


This Assessment is a part of following Skills Libraries

FMCG Sales Competency Framework

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Competency Under Scanner

FMCG Sales



Demonstrating a tendency to be satisfied with work that paves way for personal growth and development. It involves the desire to maximize one's skills and abilities whenever possible.


Demonstrating a tendency to work enthusiastically at tasks which demand skill and talent. It involves the desire to achieve excellence and perfection at work.


Demonstrating a tendency to be more efficient when work involves decision making and taking up responsibility for people and resources.

Competition and Challenge

Demonstrating a tendency to be motivated to work harder when given opportunities to compete with others. It involves the desire to prove oneself as the best at doing a task.

Money and Incentives

Demonstrating a tendency to consider materialistic gains as a motivator to work. It involves the tendency to not shirk from mundane tasks, if they are attached to monetary benefits.

Security and Stability

Demonstrating a tendency to prefer a permanent and reliable job position. It involves the need to feel safe knowing that one can count on one's job for social and financial security.

Recognition and Appreciation

Demonstrating a tendency to feel encouraged by public recognition and acknowledgement for work done. It involves the tendency to seek approval from various sources at the workplace.

Affiliation and Social Contact

Demonstrating a tendency to be more interested in work that requires one to be connected with other individuals of a group and interacting with people at the workplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The assessment has been designed on the ‘semantic differential’ format, which requires candidates to consider their preferences and choose between two " equally desirable" statements. The assessment also delivers ‘instructional warnings,’ where candidates are informed that distorted or fake responses will invalidate the assessment. The assessment tool can also identify specific response patterns that may indicate fake responses.

Yes. We can provide customized assessment solutions that consider the organization’s requirements and competency framework to determine the appropriate behaviors that indicate success in the organization's context. Please write to Mercer | Mettl with the request for assistance.

The normal probability distribution of scores of a particular norm group determines the proficiency levels required.

We have taken all necessary steps to reduce the possibility of test takers trying to present themselves in a socially desirable manner. For example, the test follows a ‘semantic differential’ format, which makes it hard to ‘guess’ the appropriate response. Additionally, the items are presented in a format that requires one to consciously think about one's preferences and then choose a more ‘desirable’ statement. The tool also identifies specific patterns of the responses and can indicate if candidates attempt to respond dishonestly.

It is possible to do so for different job roles for your organization. We follow a scientifically valid benchmarking process. Please write to us and we would be glad to assist.

The data obtained through across industries and across verticals of various types of organizations is updated in the Mettl database periodically. Utmost care is taken such that the newly added data gets incorporated periodically while preparing the reports.

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