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Online Quantitative Aptitude Test for logical and analytical skills assessment of candidates

The Quantitative Aptitude Test by Mercer | Mettl can be utilized to screen candidates for various organizational job profiles. The test offers recruiters an objective and unbiased way to assess the ability of candidates in numerical operations and their logical reasoning and analytical skills in solving quantitative problems. The Online Quantitative Test provides recruiters insights into potential hires' personalities, abilities, skills, and aptitudes.

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Inside this Quantitative Aptitude Test

A Quantitative Aptitude Test helps screen candidates by assessing how they can utilize their logical and analytical skills to perform at a specific position in an organization. These tests can form the initial step of the recruitment process and help recruiters assess candidates' cognitive competencies to understand how they will react to different circumstances at the workplace and their efficiency in accomplishing their responsibilities. 

The Online Quantitative Aptitude Test by Mercer | Mettl has been designed by experts to evaluate candidates for quantitative skills like problem-solving and logical reasoning. The test can be used by recruiters to quickly and effectively identify applicants with excellent numerical and problem-solving skills. Mercer | Mettl’s Quantitative Aptitude Test is a scientifically validated method to gauge candidates on subskills, like permutation and combination, factors and multiples, set theory, factorials, and probability, to determine their suitability for specific job roles. 

The test analyzes candidates' ability to process and analyze quantitative data, perform arithmetic operations, and follow a structured approach to find solutions to various problems.


The costs of talent acquisition have been rising constantly, increasing the need for talent acquisition experts to create effective recruitment strategies that can support informed decision-making and mitigate the risks of bad hires that lead to significant money, time, and resource losses. Resumes and structured rounds of interviews can go a long way in helping recruiters assess the achievements, educational background, and experience of applicants; they cannot help recruiters understand the aptitude and values of candidates and how they will react to and deal with actual on-the-job challenges or problems that they may come across. 

A Quantitative Aptitude Test is beneficial for recruiters in identifying and hiring candidates who exhibit traits like the ability to work under pressure, problem-solving, critical thinking, logical reasoning, etc. These tests are based on objective data that can effectively support unbiased and good hiring decisions. The Online Quantitative Aptitude Test by Mercer | Mettl is one of the best screening tools for recruiters. It can help identify candidates with strong problem-solving skills and numerical abilities required for specific job roles while filtering out unsuitable candidates.


This Quantitative Aptitude Test is a part of following skills libraries

Quantitative Aptitude Test competency framework

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Quantitative Aptitude Test competencies under scanner

Cognitive ability

In this section of the Quantitative Aptitude Test by Mercer | Mettl, candidates are assessed on various subskills. These include geometric and arithmetic progressions, inequalities, speed and distance, time, time and work, coordinate geometry, circle coordinates, quadrilaterals, HCF, LCM, triangles, circles, set theory, probability, permutation and combination, the number system, factors, and multiples, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Quantitative aptitude, which refers to the ability of an individual to perform numerical calculations and solve complex mathematical problems, is essential because individuals who possess strong quantitative aptitude can process data to analyze and interpret information and solve problems in real time, which are crucial skills that organizations look for in prospective hires.  

Yes. Benchmarking Online Quantitative Aptitude Tests can be done in selective cases based on custom sample sets. Reach out to Mercer | Mettl for assistance.

A Quantitative Aptitude Test is an assessment designed to evaluate the test takers' quantitative, analytical, and logical skills. The Quantitative Aptitude Test is a popular screening tool organizations utilize to find the best-suited candidates.

The top tip for preparing for a Quantitative Aptitude Test is to focus on comprehending the fundamentals of the covered topics. One should practice solving multiple questions for each topic, learn about useful shortcuts and tricks, solve mock tests, and hone their time management skills.

We have previously customized Quantitative Aptitude Test reports as per client requirements. You can write to us with your request, and we will gladly work out a solution.  

The Quantitative Aptitude Test includes several questions covering various topics, including time and work, coordinate geometry, etc.

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