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The importance of computer skills is at an all-time high, one skill in particular that has become an ever increasing attribute required from staff or a prospective candidate is typing. Candidates might be unwittingly sabotaging their job prospects if they lack basic typing skills. In today’s highly competitive labor market one must ensure to have all essential skills to stand out from the crowd of fellow job hunters, and good touch typing skills is one way to do it!

Why are Typing Skills important?

Keyboarding skills are very important as they can impact a person's ability to communicate with others in the future, both in social and professional realms. A lot of important information may be missed out because of slow and inaccurate typing skills. Many careers today require keyboarding and basic computer skills. By having adequate typing skills, people can open up a much larger market for themselves when making a career choice.

What does the Mettl Test for Typing Skills assess?

Mettl's Typing Simulator automatically evaluates and grades a candidate’s content piece on the basis of speed and accuracy.

  • Speed The job determines the average typing speed required for that profession. Although anyone can improve efficiency with faster and more accurate typing, some jobs require fast typing skills with a high accuracy on the first day. Data entry jobs are such. Positions such as transcriptionists, legal secretaries, and typists often require very high speed as they are required to capture a lot of information in a little amount of time.
  • Accuracy Typing speed is important, but so is precision – typing faster is useless if accuracy is sacrificed. Improving typing skills requires focus on both, and it requires practice – a lot of practice. Developing muscle memory for typing certain types of commonly used letter pairings require practice. This starts with focusing on touch typing and stopping the glances down at the keyboard.

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Answer to common queries:

What does a typing test consist of?

The candidates are given a paragraph and they have to type as much of the passage as possible in the provided time. For more detailed information, please contact us.

What is the required typing speed for a job? 

The typing speed required varies from job to job, but generally, a typing speed of 40 WPM (Words Per Minute) is considered an average typing speed.

Is typing fast a skill?

Having fast and accurate typing skills is a must in today's time. Average typing speed is one of the key skills listed on your resume.

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