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Salesforce Online Proctored Exams- Proctored Assessments to Ensure Talent Quality

A Salesforce online proctored exam evaluates a candidate's proficiency in Salesforce development and management while ensuring the integrity of the assessment process. The Salesforce test focuses on core concepts such as Salesforce APIs (Application Programming Interface), debugging and testing, front end, visual force, etc.

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Inside This Salesforce Assessment

The Salesforce assessment tests a candidate's proficiency in Salesforce programming and management. This 60-minute test includes 40 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) to gauge the applicant's skills.  

This Salesforce developer assessment test evaluates proficiencies in Salesforce APIs (Application Programming Interface), Debugging and Testing, Front-end, Lighting, OOPS, SQL & RDBMS and Visual force.  

This online assessment will help you screen candidates for the following roles:   

  • Salesforce Developer  
  • Salesforce Technical Consultant  
  • Application Developer - Salesforce  
  • Salesforce Engineer  


Salesforce is a globally recognized CRM (Customer Relations Management) platform used by many businesses worldwide for better deciphering their customers' needs through a sophisticated suite of cloud-based solutions for sales, marketing, and service. Even though the Salesforce platform offers easy integration for businesses, no two organizations will have the same type of requirements; hence, their Salesforce requirements will also differ.  

In case that happens, the skills of talented Salesforce developers turn out to be the most beneficial. The reason is that these professionals have strong expertise in custom software development and readily provide tailor-made business solutions. A Salesforce developer is a programmer who is proficient in developing applications across many PaaS (Platform-as-a-service) services.  

An accomplished Salesforce developer knows how this cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software solution works and skillfully manages and customizes the technical aspects of a company's Salesforce instance. They do this by using three essential technologies:  

  • Visualforce - this markup language is used to create custom pages in Salesforce.  
  • Apex - this object-oriented programming language has Java-like syntax. It is Salesforce’s proprietary language.  
  • Lightning Component Framework - this UI (User Interface) framework helps create dynamic Salesforce web apps for desktop and mobile devices.  

These tools enable the Salesforce Developers to develop custom processes and applications within the CRM, customize page layouts to provide relevant and meaningful user experiences, rectify technical issues, perform third-party integration and more. The everyday tasks of a Salesforce Developer are technically intensive and include work that goes beyond programming. Besides, they should have excellent interpersonal and social skills because their job entails collaborating with their sales colleagues and marketing and customer support teams to deliver appropriate Salesforce solutions for addressing business needs. After creating solutions, they are expected to perform quality assurance and create user documentation, testing, and debugging.

Creating a Salesforce-enabled project requires tremendous efforts, such as creating APIs, automating workflows, integrating 3rd party tools, and producing high-quality software code while ensuring security and performance. Therefore, organizations must recruit skilled Salesforce developers to execute these responsibilities effectively. Hiring a competent developer will help employers leverage the technical expertise and prowess of such experts who know how to do programming and what are the best practices for optimizing cloud CRM. This way, organizations can save time and resources while achieving more efficiency in less time.

Employers want to gain crucial information on their candidates throughout talent selection. The problem, however, is that traditional recruitment methods, such as CVs and unstructured interviews often do not provide an in-depth insight into somebody's actual competencies. Thus, serving as unreliable predictors of job performance. This is where the role of the pre-employment test comes into play. The Salesforce assessment test is a technical assessment to understand candidates’ familiarity with the core concepts, features, and functionalities of Salesforce CRM. The pre-hire test will help tech recruiters and hiring managers evaluate applicants' on-the-job skills before an interview.

Salesforce Online Proctored Exam: Enabling Secure, Scalable and Credible Online Assessments   

The Salesforce online proctored exam is a pre-employment test that candidates take to show their ability to build customized apps based on Salesforce and link them with other systems. The test helps screen out unsuitable applicants and select qualified individuals from a pool of resumes. This process contributes to objective decision-making and reduces the administrative challenge of interviewing an excessive number of candidates.  

Most importantly, these assessments will take place in a secure, controlled environment with anti-cheating features such as online proctoring, limited system access, window violation, etc. The Salesforce developer assessment test is centered on the data-driven approach to make unbiased hiring decisions, find top tech hassle-free, and provide granular insights on every sub-competency. The test result report provides actionable insights into which candidates have the required skills to perform successfully.  


This Salesforce Developer Assessment is a part of following Skills Libraries

Salesforce Developer Test Competency Framework

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Salesforce Online Test Competencies Under Scanner

Salesforce Development


APIs (Application Programming Interface)

This Salesforce test assesses the candidate’s skills in APIs (Application Programming Interface) (Application Programming Interface), Apex and Apex Programming.

Debugging and Testing

This Salesforce online proctored exam will help you assess the candidate’s debugging and testing skills in a secure testing environment.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Use this Salesforce assessment to assess a candidate’s proficiency in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.


This Salesforce assessment gauges the candidate’s proficiency in Salesforce Lightning.


This Salesforce developer online test evaluates a candidate's proficiency in OOPS concepts in Salesforce.


Use this test to find candidates who understand the basics of SQL and RDBMS.


This Salesforce online test aims to understand an individual’s knowledge of the Visual Force framework.

Web Services

This Salesforce assessment will help uncover how proficiently a candidate uses Salesforce web services.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We can do so selectively. Please write to us about your request; we will be glad to assist.

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software that enables enterprises to streamline their marketing operations and sales. Salesforce is known worldwide as the best CRM platform. It also offers businesses unimpeded access to web-based software.

For candidates appearing for job interviews requiring expertise in Salesforce, preparing beforehand for questions to be asked during an interview can be helpful.

Listed below are some usual questions asked during a Salesforce interview:  

  •  How can users set themselves apart from others in Salesforce?  
  •  How can users set themselves apart from others in Salesforce?  
  •  Do you know the database architecture on which Salesforce is based?  
  •  What are Sandboxes?  
  •  Can you please explain a custom object in Salesforce?  
  •  What are the fundamental causes of data loss in Salesforce?  
  •  How many ways can you use custom objects?  
  •  What is meant by the workflow in Salesforce?  
  •  What is CRM?  
  •  What differentiates a profile from a role?  
  •  What do you understand by Governor Limits?  
  •  What steps would you take to deploy from Sandbox to Production?  
  •  How many portals are available in Salesforce?  
  •  Can you name the various kinds of object relationships in Salesforce?  

Professionals from around the world use various Salesforce tools for business development, and some of them are listed below:  

  •  Cirrus Insight  
  •  Ambition  
  •  Clearbit  
  •  Pardot  
  •  Engagio  
  •  Gong  
  •  HelloSign  
  •  Guru  
  •  Tenfold  
  •  Prezi   

Some of the leading companies that rely on Salesforce are as follows:  

  •  Amazon Web Services  
  •  Spotify  
  •  Toyota  
  •  Aldo  
  •  T-Mobile  
  •  Macy’s  
  •  American Express  
  •  The New York Post  
  •  L’Oréal Americas  
  •  Canon  
  •  NBCUniversal  
  •  The Hershey Company, etc.  

Numerous career opportunities in the Salesforce domain do not require a person to be a coder/programmer.  

We have customized Salesforce developer test reports in the past based on the client’s requirements. Please write to us with your request, and we will be glad to provide you with a solution.

Salesforce online proctored exams can be taken remotely and securely from anywhere, made feasible by proctoring software that monitors the test-taker's desktop, webcam video and audio recording.  

Salesforce online proctored exams help ensure that candidates are deterred from indulging in unfair means during the test-taking process. In this setting, supervision of candidates takes place either over live video or recorded versions of the candidate's activities.

Given below are the skills integral for a Salesforce Developer:  

  •  Platform development  
  •  Data management, modeling, and security  
  •  Visualforce basics  
  •  Salesforce app customization  
  •  Developer console  
  •  Search solution basics  
  •  Object-Oriented Programming using Apex  
  •  Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL  
  •  Salesforce Lightning Framework  

These reasons explain why the demand for the Salesforce will only increase with time:  

  • By 2022, over 3.3 million jobs will be generated in the Salesforce ecosystem.  
  • Above 200K organizations have already switched to Salesforce.  
  • The average annual growth rate of the Salesforce platform is predicted to be sixty-five percent.  
  • This unique CRM system has 19.7% of the total market share.  

Salesforce is known worldwide as a customer relationship management (CRM) solution provider to bring companies and customers to the same page.