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Data Entry Skills Test to analyze the proficiency of candidates for data entry positions

The Data Entry Skills Test by Mercer | Mettl has been designed to help talent acquisition experts analyze candidates' typing skills, basic computer proficiency, analytical and problem-solving skills, and attention to detail to identify and hire top talent for data entry job roles.

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Inside this Data Entry Assessment

A simple Data Entry Test helps recruiters and HR professionals assess the proficiency of candidates in typing, literacy, and numerical skills, which are essential when hiring for data entry roles. Such roles involve large amounts of data and minor mistakes can affect an organization. However, a lack of scientifically backed assessment methods to effectively analyze the on-the-job skills of candidates makes it difficult for recruiters to achieve accuracy in hiring. That is why utilizing a Data Entry Assessment as a screening tool for identifying suitable candidates for data entry roles can significantly help recruiters mitigate these risks.   

The Data Entry Assessment by Mercer | Mettl has been designed to help talent acquisition experts analyze candidates' ability to process information quickly and precisely. An effective online screening tool, the Data Entry Skills Test, is a comprehensive aptitude test that can evaluate candidates' ability to perform data entry job responsibilities. Mercer | Mettl’s Data Entry Assessment helps recruiters assess candidates' problem-solving skills, analytical knowledge, attention to detail ability, and typing proficiency. The test also assesses several subskills, like basic computer proficiency, MS Word and MS Excel knowledge, data analysis and organization, etc.


One of the primary responsibilities of a data entry operator is to ensure accuracy in record-keeping and data organization tasks and given the fact that these employees have access to sensitive data, attention to detail is one of the most crucial skills that data entry professionals must possess. Apart from this, an individual must also have proficiency in database management, word processing, spreadsheets, and workplace communication. It is, however, quite challenging for talent acquisition experts to evaluate how adept a candidate is at these skills, especially if they only have a resume on which to base their decision. Furthermore, having the skills and being able to apply them in real-life situations are entirely different aspects. This is where a Data Entry Assessment plays a significant role in helping recruiters evaluate candidates.   

The Data Entry Test by Mercer | Mettl has been designed by subject matter experts to help employers gain valuable insights into the capabilities of prospective hires. The test is a screening tool for effectively streamlining the hiring process with data-driven insights. Mercer | Mettl’s Data Entry Skills Assessment helps recruiters hire candidates with essential data entry skills, including speed and accuracy while avoiding unsuitable hires.


This Data Entry Test is a part of following skills libraries

Data Entry Test competency framework

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Data Entry Test competencies under scanner

Data Entry Skills

Cognitive abilities


Computer fundamentals

This section of the Data Entry Assessment evaluates candidates' proficiency in basic computer literacy and their knowledge of computer fundamentals. The section assesses a range of subskills, including application software, hardware, the internet, network, and security.

MS Excel

This section has been designed to analyze candidates' knowledge and working skills in MS Excel. The subskills the team evaluates include MS Excel formulas, functions, shortcuts, formatting, conditional formatting, and graphs and charts.

MS Word

Apart from the primary data entry skills, the test helps recruiters evaluate candidates’ proficiency with MS Word. This section of the Data Entry Test assesses several subskills, including charts, tables, date and time, bulleting, indenting, field and image insertion, previewing, proofreading, and editing.


Typing skills

The Data Entry Skills Test section evaluates the candidates' typing skills, speed, and accuracy. This section assesses the candidates' proficiency in typing or entering text on a typing simulator while maintaining speed and accuracy.

Attention to detail

This test section has been designed to assess a candidate’s accuracy and thoroughness in detail-oriented tasks. The subskills evaluated in this section include image-based and text-based attention to detail.

Analytical ability and problem-solving

This section evaluates several subskills through questions involving letters and number series, coding and decoding, ranking and linear arrangements, and analogy to assess prospective hires' analytical and problem-solving skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Attention to detail, multitasking, excellent communication skills (verbal and written), accuracy, and functional self-management are crucial skills a candidate must possess for a data entry job.

The questions asked in a data entry job interview can be categorized into three types: competency-related questions to understand a candidate's functional skills, behavioural questions to analyze their skills for specific scenarios, and situational questions to know how they deal with challenges.

Getting familiarized with the arrangement of keys on the keyboard, practicing typing without looking at the keys, maintaining good posture for long-duration typing tasks, and continuously practicing typing skills are ways to improve speed and accuracy in typing.

A Data Entry Skills Test is a screening tool utilized to assess the data entry competencies of prospective hires and identify candidates with the right skills required for a data entry job role. A Data Entry Assessment can help evaluate skills like inputting and updating data, data organization and management, retrieving data, etc.

Yes. The Personality Profiler Test can be customized on a selective basis. We request you to write to us about your requirements. We will be happy to assist you.  

Accuracy and speed in completing the assessment within the time limit are the dominant factors that determine a pass or fail in a Data Entry Assessment. Sharpening these skills and relevant domain skills and taking some online practice tests can help candidates improve their chances of clearing a pre-employment Data Entry Skills Test.

Around 60 to 90 words per minute. Apart from having good typing speed, accuracy and meticulousness are equally critical skills for data entry professionals.

Getting familiarized with the arrangement of keys on the keyboard, practicing typing without looking at the keys, maintaining good posture for long-duration typing tasks, and continuously practicing typing skills are ways to improve speed and accuracy in typing.

Yes. We have previously customized the Data Entry Skills Test reports in selective cases on a client-to-client basis. We request that you write to us about your request, and we would be glad to collaborate on working out a customized solution for you.

The benchmarks for candidates may vary from employer to employer, but what stands out is an individual with a faster-than-usual typing speed and high accuracy. While 8000 keystrokes per hour (KPH) is considered the average requirement for data entry jobs, candidates who perform above average (e.g., 10,000 KPH) are generally more likely to be chosen for the next rounds.

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