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DevOps Online Test to hire DevOps Experts with experience in Git

The DevOps Test is an effective screening tool to assess applicants' knowledge of DevOps methodology and tools used to make the project workflow more efficient and effective. It's an ideal test for the technical screening of candidates applying for roles such as DevOps engineer (with expertise in Git), DevSecOps engineer, etc.

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Inside this DevOps Git Assessment

The DevOps Test assesses applicants' understanding of DevOps practices, principles and tools and whether they have the holistic view required to become a successful DevOps engineer. 

DevOps signifies the amalgamation and automation of processes. DevOps experts play a pivotal role in ensuring that processes, tools and strategies are well-aligned to cater to the needs throughout the software development life cycle, from code combining to application maintenance and management.

This DevOps Test evaluates candidates’ knowledge of various DevOps processes and technologies such as configuration management, integration server, containerizing code, deployment automation, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), etc.

Also, the test aims to understand their experience and expertise with tools such as GitHub, GitLab, Jira Git, Git push command and pull request, etc. This test focuses only on mid-to-senior level recruitments.

Candidates who achieve good scores on this DevOps Git assessment can easily blend into a DevOps culture or implement it for their prospective organizations. They are well-versed in DevOps methodologies and tools. They can utilize their skills to accelerate the release cycles from the software development team, automate phases of their production cycle, reduce failure rates, and achieve the desired level of operational scalability.

The test helps to screen candidates for the following roles:

  • DevOps engineer (with expertise in Git) 
  • DevSecOps engineer (with expertise in Git) 


DevOps is not merely a buzzword to be bandied about; it is, in fact, a set of practices meant to streamline and enhance work throughout the software development lifecycle. It is a portmanteau of ‘development’ and ‘operations,’ a term that represents that the software developers and the software operations and maintenance teams work in unison as one cross-functional team to simplify the process of application planning, production, delivery, and operations. 

It facilitates coordination between previously siloed functions like IT operations, software development, security and quality engineering. As a result, organizations worldwide adopt DevOps culture for many reasons, such as attaining greater deployment frequency, shortening development cycles, and achieving faster time-to-market, better collaboration, communication, and creativity, etc. 

Now that DevOps is becoming more critical for organizations, it is compelling companies to consider the significance of identifying DevOps candidates whose skills suit the organization's needs. After all, it's not about searching for someone with the ‘DevOps engineer’ designation. It's about seeking someone with technical competencies, knowledge, a DevOps mindset, and values. Moreover, several other impediments prevent hiring managers and recruiters from finding, assessing and hiring great candidates, as listed below:

Over-reliance on resumes: Wading through an ocean of resumes has been something recruiters have traditionally been doing to find the best of the lot. However, this over-dependence on resumes can cause recruiters to overlook crucial aspects concerning a candidate's employability skills.

Pursuit of talent: Often, recruiters get more applications than they can look through thoroughly. On top of that, most applications need to be better matched for the DevOps role under consideration. Besides, many applicants use a randomized approach to send job applications and haphazardly apply to several companies without carefully reviewing the job requirements. As a result, even though recruiting managers, on average, get 200-250 applications per open position, they are likely to encounter only a few good candidates, making it intensely challenging to pick them out from the limited qualified talent.

Unconscious hiring biases: Recruiters usually receive many applications for a particular open role. But going through them to shortlist candidates does not ensure that the shortlisted ones are the best candidates for the position. This is because hiring bias can easily seep into a resume screening process and lead recruiters to shortlist inadequately skilled applicants.

Luckily, there's an effective way that plays an essential role in solving the problems mentioned above: pre-employment assessments.

The DevOps Skills Test is a shining example of a pre-employment test that helps talent acquisition experts to assess candidates' expertise in DevOps and Git in a fast, impartial way. When employers and recruiters use the DevOps Online Test in their hiring process, they can quickly identify the right talent who can support the agile system development process, unite their organization's development and operation processes, and help ensure better operational scalability. Designed by subject-matter experts, this test will help recruiters gain insights into the skills and practical expertise of the test-taker in a data-driven way.

Candidates with high test scores can be considered to have the right expertise, experience, and knowledge of DevOps. These applicants have a nuanced understanding of the methodology and tools required to work effectively as DevOps engineers and would be an excellent match for their prospective employers. The DevOps Git Assessment insights help make informed hiring decisions because they help identify which candidate's skills fit the role based on their assessment scores. 


This DevOps Git Test is a part of following Skills Libraries

The DevOps with Git Test Competency Framework

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DevOps Test Competencies Under Scanner

DevOps Git Test



The following skills are covered in this section: Continuous integration servers, configuration management, containerizing code, deployment automation, container orchestration, cloud tools (Azure/AWS/GCP), performance tuning and monitoring, DevOps methodology, and CI/CD pipelines.


The following Git competencies are included in this section: GitHub, GitLab, Jira Git, Git push command and pull request, and GitHub - workflow.

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The Mercer | Mettl DevOps Git Assessment is tailored for recruitment. However, we can do benchmarking for custom sample sets as well. Please write to us about your request; we will gladly assist you.   

We have previously customized Online DevOps Git Assessment reports based on the client’s requirements. So please write to us with your request, and we will be glad to provide you with a solution. 

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