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High Potential (HiPo) Test: Assess & develop HiPo employees for future success

High Potential Assessment is a process of evaluating potential hires and employees to identify individuals with the possibility to thrive in leadership roles and make impactful and meaningful contributions toward the advancement and success of the organization. This High Potential Employee Test, developed by subject matter experts, enables organizations to precisely determine HiPo employees and drive learning and development (L&D) and succession planning initiatives. 

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The High Potential Test refers to a battery of psychometric tools that help determine an employee or prospective hire's potential. The HiPo Employee Assessment evaluates essential competencies crucial for high-potential professionals for success in today's competitive business environment. The test enables organizations to assess leadership aptitude, develop top-performing teams and identify and retain high-potential employees.

The HiPo Employee Test evaluates a candidate's intellect as one of its key competencies. It considers an applicant's ability to navigate challenges and execute optimal decisions. Strategic thinking and critical decision-making skills are essential for high-potential employees because a professional with a forward-thinking approach, strategic planning skills, and a goal-driven mindset will contribute to the organization's growth, performance, and resilience in the dynamic business landscape.

This test also analyzes a candidate's drive, which encompasses a person's firm determination to learn, grow and succeed. This includes evaluating a drive to excel, initiative-taking ability, and learning orientation. The drive to excel reflects a person's determination to grow, pursue excellence, and unyielding persistence in the quest for success.

Initiative-taking ability reflects an individual's ingenuity and resourceful attitude. Learning orientation demonstrates a person's feedback responsiveness, adaptiveness, and growth mindset. 

Furthermore, the High Potential Employees Assessment also evaluates applicants' agility, determining their ability to move quickly and easily and effectively handle ambiguity. 

Lastly, the test also considers a candidate's leadership potential to lead internal and external stakeholders to achieve organizational goals. Thus, recruiting managers and employers can utilize the High Potential Test to ascertain candidates' job aptitude and suitability by evaluating them on the abovementioned competencies. 


In the fast-paced and intensely competitive business environment, there is a significant demand for high-potential employees. Companies make concerted efforts to discover and hire professionals with the abilities, motivation, and capacity to contribute to their success significantly. However, identifying high-potential employees is a complex task due to a range of factors.

Firstly, high-potential employees are highly sought-after individuals with rare skills and qualities that are uncommon. Their remarkable skills, leadership aptitude, and knack for driving innovation make them desirable to numerous organizations. That said, finding and hiring top talent can be challenging, necessitating companies to place a premium on robust hiring strategies to stand out in the talent marketplace.

Secondly, distinguishing high-potential employees is an intricate process that requires an in-depth assessment of multiple factors such as personality traits, cognitive abilities, and leadership potential. Time-honored hiring methods often need to be more accurate in assessing these aspects to avoid ignoring or underestimating high-potential talent. This is where high-potential tests play a critical role. These tests help evaluate the competencies and attributes linked to high-potential individuals. They are structured objectively to assess a candidate's problem-solving skills, personality profile, cognitive abilities, and leadership aptitude.

Using these scientifically validated assessment tools can help organizations uncover critical insights such as an individual's strengths, areas for development, and growth potential. Hence, organizations can make evidence-based and data-driven hiring decisions during recruitment, ensuring that high-potential employees are given the opportunities they deserve. 


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High Potential Employees Test Competency Framework

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HiPo Employee Test Competencies Under Scanner

HiPo Employee Test



This section comprises the following competencies - propensity to lead and stakeholder management.


This section encompasses the following competencies - strategic thinking and critical decision making.


This section covers the following competencies - drive to excel, learning orientation, and initiativ- taking.


This section includes the following competencies - navigating ambiguity and adaptability.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A High Potential Test is a psychometric evaluation employed by organizations to identify high-potential employees by gauging personality traits, learning agility, cognitive abilities, and future potential. This standardized and objective test enables organizations to spot ideal candidates for targeted development programs and promising opportunities.

Certainly! Mercer | Mettl can create a tailored assessment that aligns with your organization's competency frameworks. We will provide a customized solution by understanding your specific requirements and pinpointing the key behaviors that drive success within your organization. Please get in touch with us with your request; we would be glad to work out a solution for you. 

Human behavior embodies various psychological and environmental factors, so any psychometric assessment reports should not be considered a conclusive indicator of a particular type of behavior. It is crucial to integrate these reports with additional sources of information and view other physical, environmental, and psychological factors that impact human behavior. For optimal selection tools customized to your requirements (i.e., psychometric assessments, job/functional tests, and behavioral interviews), please get in touch with Mercer | Mettl for expert guidance and assistance. 

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