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Insurance agent test hire the best sales talent in insurance

Insurance agent test enables employers to objectively evaluate prospective hires by evaluating job-specific skills. Insurance agent test also helps measure the crucial attributes, including personality traits and abilities, to find the best-fit candidates.

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Insurance sales agents are responsible for recommending the best insurance policies to new and existing customers, depending on their financial needs. In addition, more and more insurance sales executives are diversifying, providing general-purpose financial planning consultations to their clients. 

However, recruiting for insurance comes with its challenges, mostly related to the difficulty in finding qualified candidates and the longer time to hire. We can definitely help with this.

Mercer | Mettl’s insurance aptitude test is a pre-employment assessment designed to help recruiters hire insurance staff. The test provides a comprehensive evaluation of candidates' abilities by evaluating job-specific knowledge and cognitive and behavioral skills. Each test consists of multiple components presenting crucial data for employment decisions.


This Assessment is a part of following Skills Libraries

Insurance Competency Framework

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Competency Under Scanner

Managing the Sales Process

Managing the Customer Relationship

Basic Competencies

Managing Resources and Prioritizing Tasks

Managing Change


Result Orientation

Demonstrating a strong will to achieve what one sets out to do. Focusing one's energy and resources to finish what one has started.

Process Planning and Execution

Demonstrating an ability to detail out the steps required to accomplish one's objectives and an understanding of the resources required to do so. Demonstrating an ability to prioritize tasks and shuffle between various tasks to maximize efficiency.

Taking Initiatives

Demonstrating an ability to take initiative and seek responsibility without being forced or pushed to do so. Demonstrating an eagerness to work on tasks without being told.

Information Seeking

Demonstrating an ability to go beyond the questions that are routine or required in the job. Asking the right questions to get the required information to accomplish tasks.

Effective Communication

The ability to convey the expected information in a clear and concise manner such that it makes the impact that it was intended for.


The tendency to remain motivated and persistent to accomplish goals in the face of adversity or obstacles.


Understanding customers' needs

Demonstrating an ability to understand the stated and unstated needs and requirements of customers.

Networking with others

Demonstrating an ability to build professional networks and personal relationships within and outside the organization as a way of gathering information and resources to ensure individual as well as organizational success.

Influencing Others

Demonstrating an ability to convince others of one's points of view and ideas.


Demonstrating an ability to understand the feelings of other people by imagining oneself in their situations.



Demonstrating a tendency to be honest and ethical in all transactions with internal and external stakeholders, so as to earn their trust.

Resilience/Emotional Stability

Demonstrating resilience in the face of challenges or adversity, and being able to manage one's emotions in a positive and effective manner.


Demonstrating an ability to take responsibility for one's actions and decisions. Following through on the commitments made, without passing on blame to others in case of failures.

Demonstrating an ability to detail out the steps required to accomplish one's objectives and an understanding of the resources required to do so. Demonstrating an ability to prioritize tasks and shuffle between various tasks to maximize efficiency.

Demonstrating an ability to communicate the need and the rationale for change and ensuring that all stakeholders are comfortable with it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, it is possible. We can build a customized assessment for your organization, taking into account your organization’s unique needs and accordingly determine the combination of behaviors that determine success in your organization’s context.  Please write to us for such a request and we would be glad to work out a solution for you.

We take special steps to lessen the probability of candidates striving to portray themselves in a socially suitable manner at each stage of tool development. Listed below are some of the steps we take:
 1. The item format of the assessment – the ‘semantic differential’ format – was intentionally adopted to make it challenging for participants to presume the suitable response and ‘fake’ to enhance their test scores. The items are available in a format that prompts the candidate to thoughtfully think about his/her preferences and select between two identically ‘desirable’ statements.
 2. Before starting the assessment, the candidates are given information on the test format. They are required to respond to the items based on their first instinct and not to think too much about their responses. Accompanied by research emphasizing the importance of ‘instructional warnings,’ they are advised against impression management or faking and are informed that their test reports might be declared invalid if they present their responses dishonestly.
 3. The tool determines particular patterns of responses and specifies in the report if the individual has tried responding to the assessment in a suitable or socially appropriate manner. 

It is possible to do so for different job roles for your organization. We follow a scientifically valid benchmarking process. Please write to us and we would be glad to assist.

The proficiency levels(thresholds)are based on the normal probability distribution for a specific norm group.

The insights generated across industries and verticals of multiple organizations is periodically updated in the Mercer | Mettl database. We always ensure that newly added data gets incorporated while preparing the reports.

Human behavior is a projection of several environmental and psychological factors. So, it's not advisable to interpret any psychometric report as a definitive predictor of a particular behavior type. So, these reports should be consolidated with various other sources of information and thoroughly validated before making professional decisions about the candidate.
 If you notice any discrepancy in the reports, which factually deviates from the individual's actual behavior, always refer to other physical, environmental, and psychological factors influencing that behavior. For the best combination of assessment tools for your specific needs (i.e., job/functional tests, psychometric assessments, behavioral interviews, etc.), please reach out to us. Our consultants would be happy to address your queries.

It may seem considerably overwhelming in the beginning, preparing for and qualifying for the insurance agent aptitude test is not as complicated as it looks. The best way to get an idea is to try mock tests in advance.

The test has 127 questions and must be completed in one hour.

Given below are some commonly asked questions that recruiters usually ask in the interview:
 Why do you want to work in the insurance industry?
 Tell us about a time when you realized that you've made mistakes, and what were your learnings from the past events?
 What have you learned from mistakes on the insurance sales job?
 What's your greatest weakness?
 Why should we consider you for this insurance sales position?
 Can you please tell us what you know about our organization?
 What interests you most about this job?
 Do you have any questions for us?

Listed below are some crucial skills needed for insurance agents:
 Sales aptitude
 Interpersonal skills
 Time management
 Problem-solving approach
 Prioritization skills
 Emotional intelligence
 Networking skills
 Customer service skills
 Organizational skills
 Willingness to learn