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Identify and develop leadership potential using the Leadership Development Assessment

The Leadership Assessment by Mercer | Mettl has been designed to thoroughly assess candidates' behavioral and cognitive capabilities to help determine if they possess the skills and personality traits required of good leaders. The test evaluates key competencies, like goal orientation, external awareness, innovation management, creativity, and strategic thinking, and identifies potential leaders.

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Leadership is an essential part of any organization, and having proper succession planning strategies for future leaders is crucial for an organization's continued growth and success. Leadership directly impacts the morale, productivity, and turnover of employees. A comprehensive Leadership Development Assessment can help organizations optimize their internal talent pipeline and employee development initiatives. A Leadership Assessment can be administered to identify areas where candidates may need additional training, based on which personalized learning and development programs can be built to help potential candidates develop their leadership skills. A Leadership Development Assessment can further support employers in making informed decisions about leadership development programs, internal promotions, and other matters.  

The Leadership Development Assessment by Mercer | Mettl is a scientifically validated test for objectively evaluating an individual's leadership competencies. The test goes beyond analyzing role-specific skills and helps identify the aptitude and personality traits that leaders need to be successful. The Leadership Assessment enables organizations to gauge the competencies of leaders at different levels effectively, and it also provides insights to assist in identifying skill gaps in the talent pool and to help ascertain which employees will be suitable for leadership job roles, should the need arise.


Strong leaders who recognize challenges and drive results have always been in high demand. However, the need to hire or develop good leaders has intensified with the rapid digitization of companies across industries, the growing significance of data, and the uncertainties of the ever-changing job market. Establishing leadership development programs is a great way to attract and retain talent and ensure agility when responding to change. However, identifying candidates with the skills and aptitudes to be groomed for improvement can become challenging for organizations. Without a proper way to assess candidates' cognitive potential, personality traits, and skills, a development initiative may turn into a one-size-fits-all approach. A Leadership Development Assessment can provide organizations with valuable insights into the candidate's strengths and areas of improvement, which can help build personalized development programs that focus on the right places.  

With the Leadership Development Assessment by Mercer | Mettl, organizations can quickly assess potential leadership candidates for innate qualities required for candidates to thrive in leadership positions while also being able to motivate colleagues toward achieving organizational goals. Mercer | Mettl’s Leadership Assessment can play a significant role in helping organizations build sustainable leadership pipelines and succession strategies by evaluating candidates objectively.

Leadership Development Test competency framework

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Leadership Development Test competencies under scanner

Leadership Development



The Leadership Assessment assesses whether candidates can demonstrate creativity, external awareness, innovation management, openness to change, stress tolerance, goal orientation, strategic thinking, and if they can inspire those around them to be creative.

Conflict management

This section of the Leadership Development Assessment evaluates if candidates possess key competencies, like diversity management, conflict management, employee development, and team building skills.


The Leadership Assessment by Mercer | Mettl can help identify goal-driven candidates who take responsibility for the consequences of their decisions and actions. This section also evaluates candidates' ability to make prompt, sound decisions and if they can correctly interpret, connect, and analyze information to understand the issue.


This section of the test assesses the coalition-building skills of candidates, along with their ability to establish and maintain relationships and networks with people within and outside the organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The assessment has been designed on the ‘semantic differential’ format, which requires candidates to consider their preferences and choose between two " equally desirable" statements. The assessment also delivers ‘instructional warnings,’ where candidates are informed that distorted or fake responses will invalidate the assessment. The assessment tool can also identify specific response patterns that may indicate fake responses.

Yes. We can provide customized assessment solutions that consider the organization’s requirements and competency framework to determine the appropriate behaviors that indicate success in the organization's context. Please write to Mercer | Mettl with the request for assistance.

The normal probability distribution of scores of a particular norm group determines the proficiency levels required.

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