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Personality Profiler Test for evidence-based assessment of underlying personality traits

A Personality Profiler Test is a scientifically backed evaluation of the behavioral patterns, style of interaction, competencies, working preferences, personality traits, and aptitudes of individuals. Apart from integrating the Personality Profiler Test for pre-employment screening of candidates, this test can also improve internal processes for learning and development programs.

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Inside this Personality Profiler Assessment

One of the biggest challenges that recruiters face is ensuring that the values of new hires are aligned with the organization's goals and that they are a good fit in their team. For this reason, it becomes crucial for recruiters to gain deeper insights into the soft skills, flexibility, willingness to learn, capabilities, aptitude, and personality traits of the candidates who apply for specific job roles.  

The Personality Profiler Test by Mercer | Mettl has been designed around the principles of the Big 5 (OCEAN) personality assessment and follows the Five Factor Model, which evaluates candidates based on five critical aspects of their personality, where each element is measured on a spectrum:  

  1. Openness to experience: Curious and inventive to cautious and consistent.  
  2. Conscientiousness: Organized, efficient, careless, and easy-going.  
  3. Extroversion: Outgoing and energetic to reserved and solitary.  
  4. Agreeableness: Friendly and cautious to cold and unkind. 
  5. Emotional stability: Secure and confident to sensitive and nervous.  

This Personality Profiler Test results can help recruiters understand how candidates will fit into a specific job role, build workplace relationships, learn, behave in work-related situations, handle conflicts and challenges, approach tasks, and respond to feedback. Apart from its use for employment practices, the Personality Profiler Test is also an effective tool for strengthening the organization’s learning and development initiatives, identifying high-potential employees, succession planning, etc., which can help improve employee engagement, motivation, and experience. However, a Personality Profiler Test should be used in addition to other hiring practices, like resume screening and personal interviews, and not as the sole criteria for hiring.


When it comes to recruitment, a good hiring decision leads to better productivity and reduced turnover rates. At the same time, a bad hire is costly and can negatively impact morale in the organization. Traditionally, a candidate’s experience was a crucial part of many hiring decisions, but with time, the focus has shifted to a candidate’s aptitude and potential. Building a high-performing team goes further than hiring candidates with ample experience and qualifications. Now, recruiters also need to ensure that the candidate’s personality complements the team. It is also essential to guarantee that the candidate’s values align with the organization’s values, which they will uphold. Using a Personality Profiler Test for pre-employment screening provides recruiters with a scientifically backed, unbiased way to gain insights into candidates' motivations, characteristics, personality, and underlying behavior. When used properly, a Personality Profiler Test can help understand how the worldview and values of a candidate align with the company and its goals, and it can assist in identifying future training opportunities for the chosen candidate, which helps ensure that the test is beneficial for the organization as well as the candidates.  

The Personality Profiler Test can also help organizations overcome another challenge with their existing employees. Calibrating teams with organizational goals so that the groups can contribute to achieving those goals is extremely important, especially for companies that wish to adopt agility to stay relevant. Additionally, the shift in the market towards a more consumer-centric approach and the rising demands of the customers has led to an increasing need for organizations to address existing skills gaps and affect an accelerated change in employee performance. For this, companies require actionable insights about their employees. This is where the Personality Profiler Test plays a significant role, as it can be utilized to evaluate employee personalities and help companies ascertain how aligned the employees are with the company’s values from a behavioral and performance perspective.

Personality Profile Assessment competency framework

Get a detailed look inside the test

Personality Profiler Test competencies under scanner



Emotion regulation



Learning agility

The test offers insights into candidates' ability to learn new skills and remain updated with the latest trends. Another evaluation is whether candidates can enhance their knowledge based on the latest trends and advancements.

Initiative taking

The test measures the candidates' drive and motivation. It also evaluates the candidate's eagerness to undertake new tasks and the likeliness to identify and rectify issues without being told to. It assesses whether the candidate takes the initiative without being pushed or forced.



This test measures whether candidates follow through with their commitments and take responsibility for their actions and decisions without blaming others.

Ethical propensity

This aspect measures the candidate's ability to stay honest and ethical in their conduct and earn stakeholders' trust in all dealings with the stakeholders.



This section measures if a candidate has high self-respect and self-belief, demonstrates their thinking ability, and remains positive while avoiding self-criticism.

Stress management

Candidates must display active coping strategies when facing challenges. The test assesses whether candidates can effectively manage their emotions in challenging situations.



A candidate should demonstrate their collaborative skills to accomplish common goals and targets effectively.


This part evaluates the candidate’s sensitivity and awareness of differences among individuals based on their language, race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, background, etc. It also evaluates their ability to work with diverse individuals from varying cultures and backgrounds.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Personality Profiling Test helps understand and measure the various aspects of an individual’s personality. 

No. Personality tests are qualitative. They are not quantitative tests that have pass-and-fail metrics. A Personality Profiler Test recognizes the aptitude, strengths, areas needing improvement, and other aspects of an individual’s personality. 

Employers look for candidates with personality traits matching the job role requirements. The Personality Profiler Test can assist recruiters in identifying a candidate's potential and understanding their traits to leverage their strengths and boost productivity. 

While employers can select from numerous Personality Profiling Tests based on specific requirements, many experts suggest the Big Five-Factor Model. This Personality Profiler Test measures candidates against five vital aspects of personality, measures them on a spectrum, and aids recruiters in making an informed hiring decision. 

One can conduct a Personality Test with Mercer | Mettl’s scientifically backed Personality Assessment for informed hiring and organizational development.  

Psychometric profiling is understanding an individual's behavioral style, personality, and reasoning skills using a data-directed, objective, and structured approach. 

A Personality Profiling Test helps understand and measure the various aspects of an individual’s personality. 

Psychometric profiling is understanding an individual's behavioral style, personality, and reasoning skills using a data-directed, objective, and structured approach.

Personality tests are subjective. However, it is advisable to be genuine in the responses, highlight the strengths, and acknowledge areas for improvement. Additionally, familiarizing oneself with the assessed traits can provide accurate and consistent answers. 

Psychometric profiling is understanding an individual's behavioral style, personality, and reasoning skills using a data-directed, objective, and structured approach.

Yes. The Personality Profiler Test can be customized on a selective basis. We request you to write to us about your requirements. We will be happy to assist you.  

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