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Numerical reasoning test to assess a candidate's numerical abilities

Numerical reasoning test is a tool to assess the numerical abilities of candidates. It helps measure test-takers' general aptitude with numbers and numerical skills.

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The digitization of business processes has created a demand for experienced professionals in analyzing data, monitoring figures, reading graphs, identifying patterns, and drawing inferences from numerical datasets. From marketing to finances and product conception to customer acquisition, nearly every department in a company relies on data, analytics, and numbers.  Mercer| Mettl's numerical reasoning test assesses a test-taker’s ability to reason from numbers through tasks such as performing basic arithmetic operations, analyzing graphs and tabular data, carrying out business estimates, and analyzing business scenarios in a given time frame, and solving problems.

Candidates who perform well on numerical ability tests have good numerical skills. They perform various types of calculations and use numbers to interpret patterns, predict trends, and solve problems. Mercer| Mettl's numerical aptitude test consists of a piece of text/table/graphs outlining the premise of the question, followed by either two or four answer options. Finally, an individual must identify which answer option is correct out of the given answer options.

The test is developed as per the guidelines prescribed by Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing developed jointly by the American Educational Research Association, American Psychological Association, and National Council on Measurement in Education (1999), EFPA test review model, Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (EEOC, 1978), the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology's Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures (SIOP, 2003).

Use this test for:

  • Recruitment: Identify the suitable hires for your organization by using this test.
  • Learning and Development: Understand the current proficiency level of the employee; train and develop employees effectively.
  • Identification of High Potential: Have a healthy pipeline of future leaders.
  • Succession Planning: Fast-track high potential to retain them.

Numerical Reasoning Competency Framework

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Mettl Test for Numerical Reasoning


Numerical Reasoning

This numerical reasoning test can help assess the candidate's ability to work with the information presented in a number-based format to make essential business decisions and analyzing its impact.

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Numerical Reasoning is used to assess candidates' ability to perceive and process numbers and related symbols to perform basic arithmetic operations and perform estimates. A high score on the MTNR indicates that the test taker possesses higher ability to solve basic arithmetic operations and perform estimates. A high score also indicates required level of speed in making analysis or assessments based on given information and a good level of concentration in solving problems. 

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