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Sales Manager Assessment to Evaluate Sales Manager Skills

Sales manager assessment is particularly designed to measure sales manager core competencies in candidates and ensure that you hire a sales manager who adds value to your company. Find the perfect candidates using psychometric test for assessing sales manager skills.

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Mercer | Mettl’s sales manager assessment helps you screen and hire sales managers who have the ability to make a difference in your organization’s sales success. The test helps you assess candidates for five sales manager core competencies: self-management, managing the sales process, managing the customer relationship, business acumen and leadership skills.

Key profiles the test is useful for:

  • Sales Manager
  • Regional/ Area Sales Managers
  • Territory Sales Managers
  • Relationship and Key Account Managers 

Test Details:

Number of sections 5
Number of questions152
Test duration95 minutes
Test languageEnglish 



This Assessment is a part of following Skills Libraries

Sales Manager Competency Framework

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Competency Under Scanner

Managing the Sales Process


Managing the Client Relationship




Result Orientation

Demonstrating a strong will to achieve what one sets out to do. Focusing one's energy and resources to finish what one has started.

Process Planning and Execution

Demonstrating an ability to detail out the steps required to accomplish one's objectives and an understanding of the resources required to do so. Demonstrating an ability to prioritize tasks and shuffle between various tasks to maximize efficiency.

Taking Initiatives

Demonstrating an ability to take initiative and seek responsibility without being forced or pushed to do so. Demonstrating an eagerness to work on tasks without being told.

Information Seeking

Demonstrating an ability to go beyond the questions that are routine or required in the job. Asking the right questions to get the required information to accomplish tasks.

Effective Communication

The ability to convey the expected information in a clear and concise manner such that it makes the impact that it was intended for.


The tendency to remain motivated and persistent to accomplish goals in the face of adversity or obstacles.


Stress Tolerance

Demonstrating resilience in the face of challenges or adversity and being able to manage one's emotions in a positive and effective manner.

Achievement Orientation

Demonstrating an ability to set high standards for self and the team and having the drive to achieve excellence.

Learning Agility

Demonstrating an ability to learn new skills and effectively modify one's knowledge basis the availability of new information.


Demonstrating an ability to hold back one's emotions, control one's impulses, and respond calmly and objectively to others.


Demonstrating an ability to change and innovate to sure the organization stays relevant and current with changing times.


Demonstrating an understanding of one's own abilities and having the belief that one possesses the capabilities to succeed.



Demonstrating an ability to understand the feelings of other people by imagining oneself in their situations.

Networking with People

Demonstrating an ability to build professional networks and personal relationships within and outside the organization as a way of gathering information and resources to ensure individual as well as organizational success.

Negotiation and Persuasion

Demonstrating a tendency to effectively convince other people of one's point of view by being assertive and firm.

Customer Service Orientation

Demonstrating an ability to ensure that customer requirements are fulfilled in an efficient manner such that it leads to customer delight and further opportunities to grow and develop the customer relationship.


Market Awareness

Demonstrating a deep understanding of the organization's line of business, the competitive landscape and an ability to effectively position the organization's USP so as to win over customers.

Strategic Alignment

Demonstrating an ability to consider the short and long term implications of one's actions and decisions on the organization.

Brand Building

Demonstrating an ability to maintain brand's image by communicating positively with customers, media and other outlets.


Managing Diversity

The ability to support and promote an environment that holds opportunities for all, regardless of race, gender, culture, and age.

Consultative Problem Solving and Decision Making

Demonstrating an ability to identify and resolve problems by gathering relevant information by consulting people and working towards identifying the best possible solution.

Logical Thinking

Demonstrating the ability to analyse the given information from different perspectives by breaking it down into simple components and by structuring the information in a logical order to arrive at a solution.

Leading by Example

Demonstrating an ability to lead a group of people by consistently motivating and inspiring them, and assisting them wherever necessary.

Team Management

Demonstrating an ability to develop cooperation and teamwork while working in a group, working toward solutions which generally benefit everybody involved.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes. We can provide customized assessment solutions that consider the organization’s requirements and competency framework to determine the appropriate behaviors that indicate success in the organization's context. Please write to Mercer | Mettl with the request for assistance.

We have taken measures to reduce the probability of candidates trying to portray themselves in a socially suitable manner. These include using a semantic differential format for the test, making it difficult for candidates to assume a suitable response. The test provides candidates instructions before answering based on their first instinct and gives ‘instructional warnings’ that their test may be declared invalid if not done honestly. The testing tool can also determine response patterns to discern whether a test taker may be faking their responses. 

It is possible to do so for different job roles for your organization. We follow a scientifically valid benchmarking process. Please write to us and we would be glad to assist.

The proficiency levels or thresholds are based on the normal probability distribution for specific norm groups.   

The insights generated across industries and verticals of multiple organizations is periodically updated in the Mercer | Mettl database. We always ensure that newly added data gets incorporated while preparing the reports.

It is essential to understand that human behaviour is a projection of numerous psychological and environmental factors; only using the test reports is not a definitive predictor. They should be consolidated with other sources of information and validated first. Discrepancies in the reports that factually deviate from actual behaviour should be considered in context with any physical, environmental, and psychological factors that may have influenced that behaviour. 

The sales assessment test is an essential tool for employers to assess candidates’ personality traits and professional skills. Employers analyze three crucial aspects through this tool, namely personality profile, sales skills and technical skills. 

Psychometric tests for sales recruitment evaluate candidates’ abilities through verbal and numerical ability tests, ensuring that the candidate’s knowledge and skills are up-to-date. It also does sales and personality profiling of applicants to uncover hidden personality and character traits that are otherwise hard to identify.

Listed below are the five most popular types of sales management jobs:
 Outside sales
 Inside sales
 Hybrid sales
 Sales support
 Consultative sales

Being a phenomenal salesman would seem imperative for a sales manager, but in reality, supervising the entire sales function, including the sales department, demand skills beyond being exceptional at selling.
 From interaction to problem-solving to motivation and more, being a great sales manager involves the right combination of talent and hard work to build a stellar sales team. Given below are the skills and traits it takes to become a remarkable sales manager:
 The ability to communicate with team members
 Inspires and motivates the sales team      
 Leads and manages the sales team, the sales function and the day-to-day affairs of  sales operations
 Engages the team and promotes the productivity culture
 Resilient and resourceful enough to inspire the team to perform well in times of despair
 Promotes a positive work culture
 Fosters skills development to make the work environment positive and keep team members engaged
 Acts with fairness, kindness and looks after the personal and professional well-being of each team member
 Sets realistic and reasonable goals and inspires others to achieve them
 Recruits and hires talented sales performers

There are a few essential traits that, if nurtured properly, can help sales managers in performing their tasks more efficiently. Listed below are some distinguishing qualities every sales manager needs to imbibe if they want to become a better leader.
 Forecasting skills
 Having gravitas
 Good listening skills
 Ability to inspire others
 Emotional intelligence
 Understands the needs of teams

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