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English proficiency test: Assess skills with SpeechX

Leverage the power of AI to objectively test English proficiency

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What is the Mercer | Mettl SpeechX English proficiency test?

An English proficiency test, SpeechX combines human and artificial intelligence to evaluate candidates on four aspects of the English language, i.e., pronunciation, fluency, grammar and listening comprehension. Our language proficiency test is powered by Carnegie Mellon University's Carnegie Speech, setting a new standard for language proficiency tests. This English fluency test is used for campus and lateral hiring, as well as for assessing BPO readiness and upskilling your employees.

Recruit and nurture your workforce with our language proficiency test

Secure assessments with SpeechX’s leading features


Globally recognized CEFR scores

Evaluation method follows CEFR guidelines and identifies essential non-trainable errors.


Prevents identity theft and cheating

Our proctoring technology verifies candidate identity to ensure an auditable process.


Patented and accurate technology

The tool leverages Carnegie Speech’s technology for evaluation.


Assess at scale with real-time reports

Allows for evaluation of candidates at scale for data-driven decision-making.

Use SpeechX to hire and develop talent effortlessly

Leverage our English language proficiency test to meet organizational goals


Campus hiring

Efficiently evaluate and filter thousands of candidates at scale based on their communication skills with our spoken English test.


Lateral hiring

Transition to objective assessments and recruit individuals with outstanding communication skills for customer-facing and other pivotal roles.



Assess your workforce's communication abilities and help them develop well-tailored plans.


BPO readiness

Recruit and boost the skills of your BPO workforce to industry benchmarks using our English language test.


Assessment suite that compliments SpeechX

Find well-rounded candidates with our suite of communication skills tests


Writing skills simulator

  • Evaluate applicants’ ability to compose essays and summaries.
  • Test for coherence, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary.
  • Assess the readability of the written content.
  • Evaluate candidates' ability to articulate their thoughts and concepts across diverse subjects.

Verbal ability assessments

  • Evaluate English language skills.
  • Test proficiency in communicating ideas through grammatically correct sentences.
  • Assess the ability to use suitable vocabulary based on the context and tone of the message.

Listening skills assessments

  • Evaluate the candidate's aptitude for understanding audio content by assessing their responses to the questions derived from it.
  • Assess candidates' ability to understand audio content in an American accent and accurately interpret information and details.

Seamless experience on smartphones

With industry-leading features, SpeechX offers a smooth, distraction-free experience on all devices

  • Dedicated mobile app equipped with proctoring capabilities.

  • Enhanced handling of internet disconnections.

  • Uninterrupted testing even when receiving calls.

  • Restricted access to other apps during mobile testing.

Spoken English tests for all your needs

Hire and develop your workforce with SpeechX



Make the right hiring decisions

  • Foster data-backed hiring decisions

  • Shift from subjective opinions to objective evaluations

  • Leverage AI to hire the right entry-level and experienced talent

Learning and development

English proficiency tests to cultivate and retain top talent

  • Identify training areas for skills improvement.

  • Benchmark proficiency of the workforce with detailed insights on language strengths and weaknesses.

  • Utilize pre and post-training assessments to identify training gaps and outcomes of training modules.

Language proficiency tests

help hire and develop strong communicators.

Featured findings


The importance of spoken English in leading industries today


Simplifying and scaling hiring effortlessly

Case study

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The role of AI in English assessments

Building relationships


SpeechX and the cheat-proof proctoring platform made our interview process efficacious. Mercer | Mettl helped save 15 minutes per interview per assessment, whic

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- Yogesh Bhat

Co-Founder and SVP, Holistic Development, Masai School


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Mercer | Mettl's innovative English-speaking test online, 'SpeechX,' is an efficient way to test an individual's ability to speak and understand English. This online assessment tool proves invaluable in a globalized world where effective communication in English is crucial. Online spoken English tests evaluate individuals' ability to communicate and comprehend English, providing a comprehensive overview of their language skills. The test incorporates real-life scenarios and conversations, allowing test-takers to demonstrate their practical language abilities. This English fluency test also assesses grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening comprehension.

It benefits employers seeking candidates with strong English communication skills and individuals looking to enhance their language proficiency. SpeechX facilitates informed decisions and tailored language development plans by offering an accurate and objective assessment. This online English speaking test empowers non-native speakers to improve their English skills, enabling them to thrive in diverse environments.

An English competency or fluency test ascertains a prospect's pronunciation, grammar, listening skills, and fluency to ensure smooth global communication. An English competency test is an assessment designed to evaluate an individual's proficiency in the English language. These tests typically assess reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. An online English proficiency test may include multiple-choice questions, writing tasks, speaking interviews, and listening exercises to gauge an individual's understanding and communication effectively in English. The results of these tests are used to determine eligibility, language requirements, or the need for language improvement programs.

An English proficiency exam evaluates an individual's English-speaking and comprehension skills. English proficiency tests are standardized tests that assess an individual's understanding, speaking, reading, and writing abilities. These proficiency tests incorporate diverse aspects of the English language, including speech, grammar, comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, etc. Passing an English proficiency test proves that you are proficient in the language. Certification in these tests is often used by various institutions worldwide. Different institutions and organizations may require specific English speaking tests, so checking their requirements is essential to determine which is appropriate for one's particular goals. An English proficiency test for employment is critical to the modern business world.

SpeechX is the most comprehensive English communication skills test online that assesses spoken language competence at the phoneme level, testing pronunciation, grammar, fluency, and lexical stress. SpeechX can pinpoint and analyze the subtle nuances of a candidate's speech, ensuring they possess a command of the English language and the ability to articulate it precisely and clearly.

In today's competitive job market, where effective communication is paramount, SpeechX is a vital tool as an English language test for recruiters and employers. While other English language tests are available, SpeechX's unique focus on phonemes and its multifaceted evaluation sets it apart. With its thorough analysis, SpeechX empowers recruiters to make more informed hiring decisions. This precision and comprehensiveness make SpeechX a reliable English language proficiency test and an indispensable asset in the talent acquisition process, facilitating the selection of candidates who can communicate fluently and confidently with the help of English assessment tests online.

A verbal communication test evaluates an individual's command of the English language by checking for grammar, vocabulary and comprehension. A verbal communication test assesses an individual's ability to effectively convey information, ideas, and messages through spoken language. These tests are commonly used in various professional settings and are crucial in many roles and industries. Verbal communication tests typically measure a range of skills, including clarity of speech, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, articulation, and the ability to organize and present information coherently.

During a verbal communication test, individuals may be asked to engage in activities such as giving presentations, participating in discussions, answering questions, or even engaging in role-playing scenarios. These assessments are language proficiency tests that help employers or educators gauge a person's proficiency in oral communication, which is essential for effective collaboration, public speaking, teaching, customer service, and many other aspects of personal and professional life. The results of such tests can be used to identify areas for improvement and tailor communication training or development programs accordingly.

A voice and accent test (VNA) is an oral skills test to ascertain a prospect's fitment for client-facing roles. This test assesses language skills, such as English accent, speech clarity, pronunciation, intonation, listening skills, grammar, and fluency. This evaluation is typically conducted by a trained linguist, speech therapist, or language instructor. During the test, the individual is asked to speak and read aloud various words, phrases, and sentences in their target language, and their speech is closely observed and analyzed.

The purpose of a voice test for accent can vary widely, from assessing someone's language proficiency to helping them modify their pronunciation for improved communication and understanding in a new language or professional setting. Overall, accent tests are English speaking tests that aim to identify features of an individual's speech that may hinder effective communication or performance. Online English language tests serve as a valuable language proficiency test for language acquisition and skill enhancement.