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English proficiency test: Assess skills with SpeechX

Leverage the power of AI to objectively test English proficiency

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What is the Mercer | Mettl SpeechX English proficiency test?

An English proficiency test, SpeechX combines human and artificial intelligence to evaluate candidates on four aspects of the English language, i.e., pronunciation, fluency, grammar and listening comprehension. Our language proficiency test is powered by Carnegie Mellon University's Carnegie Speech, setting a new standard for language proficiency tests. This English fluency test is used for campus and lateral hiring, as well as for assessing BPO readiness and upskilling your employees.

Recruit and nurture your workforce with our language proficiency test

Secure assessments with SpeechX’s leading features


Globally recognized CEFR scores

Evaluation method follows CEFR guidelines and identifies essential non-trainable errors.


Prevents identity theft and cheating

Our proctoring technology verifies candidate identity to ensure an auditable process.


Patented and accurate technology

The tool leverages Carnegie Speech’s technology for evaluation.


Assess at scale with real-time reports

Allows for evaluation of candidates at scale for data-driven decision-making.

Use SpeechX to hire and develop talent effortlessly

Leverage our English language proficiency test to meet organizational goals


Campus hiring

Efficiently evaluate and filter thousands of candidates at scale based on their communication skills with our spoken English test.


Lateral hiring

Transition to objective assessments and recruit individuals with outstanding communication skills for customer-facing and other pivotal roles.