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Writing Skills Assessment for hiring and upskilling candidates effectively

The Online Writing Skills Test by Mercer | Mettl screens potential candidates and identifies areas of improvement for upskilling the existing workforce. The test effectively strengthens candidates and helps streamline recruitment processes for various job profiles.

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The Writing Skills Assessment by Mercer | Mettl is an AI simulator that has been designed to assess the writing skills of candidates and employees. The evaluation has been curated and validated by subject matter experts to assist recruiters in screening candidates with the required written communication proficiency. Good writing skills ensure the message is delivered effectively, from writing a report, sales proposal or a marketing presentation to writing emails to clients. The Online Writing Skills Test can also support employee development initiatives by providing an objective overview of employees' writing skills, effectively identifying their strengths and areas for improvement.  

The Writing Skills Assessment by Mercer | Mettl has a writing simulator that automatically evaluates candidates' competency in four significant areas of essay – coherence, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. The test also indicates the readability score of the text that candidates write. The Writing Skills Test can help organizations gain valuable insight into the innate skills in writing that candidates possess, like the approach they take to structure their message or email, their grammar, vocabulary, syntax, and other nuances of written language. The Writing Skills Assessment by Mercer | Mettl is instrumental in the objective evaluation of the writing skills of candidates and employees.


Writing skills are essential to communication processes, and expressing ideas through written communication is a highly sought-after skill across various industries. While poorly written messages and emails may hamper the understanding of the information being conveyed and build a poor professional impression, a well-written piece can effectively persuade and positively influence people in various situations, facilitating an efficient exchange of information and ideas. Good writing skills are crucial for ensuring a message is delivered correctly, whether creating a marketing presentation, report, sales proposal, or communicating with clients. That is why recruiters need to be able to assess the writing skills of candidates when hiring for a range of job roles. 

The Online Writing Skills Test by Mercer | Mettl provides insights into the writing skills of candidates. It evaluates if they can use the correct language, tonality, and communication style that will prove relevant for the situation and the addressees for whom the information is being compiled.


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This section of Mercer | Mettl's Online Writing Skills Test assesses candidates' ability to communicate using the written word. It evaluates if candidates can write their text clearly and concisely, with correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and a rich vocabulary, while also keeping the communication simple and easy to understand.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Writing Skills Assessment assesses the written communication skills of candidates and evaluates their proficiency in effectively communicating ideas and thoughts through written communication. The Online Writing Skills Test by Mercer | Mettl has been designed to test the writing skills of candidates on various parameters, including vocabulary, grammar, coherence, and spelling.

Improving writing skills requires regular practice. Candidates should be aware of the goal of the task and should ensure that they are writing to help achieve that goal. A candidate with fundamental writing skills should try writing simple, direct sentences to convey information.

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