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Mettl Sales Profiler Test

Your Only Stop to Assess & Identify Critical Sales Competencies

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Introduction To Personality Assessment

Introduction To Personality Assessment

Our proprietary tool, Mettl Sales Profiler, provides a competency-based framework to build a winning sales team. A one-of-its-kind profiler it identifies the critical behavioural and cognitive competencies for your unique organisational requirements.

With the tool, it becomes possible to evaluate a sales person's true potential for each job role; from selling shoes in stores, to selling a house on rent, to selling complex IT solutions to CXOs. It addresses your critical priorities with data-backed insights, helping you save time and make better business decisions.

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Mercer | Mettl Personality Assessment - Personlity Tests for Recruitment and L&D

Assess and identify key personality traits

Mettl Personality Inventory

Assess and identify key personality traits

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40-50 Mins



Pre-Employment Personality Testing Background & Theory

In a collaborative effort with SHRM, Mettl developed a comprehensive framework for understanding sales roles based on behavioural and cognitive competencies. Based on extensive research, it combines empirical evidence from over 1600 sales professionals across industries. Our whitepaper - Demystifying Sales Hiring - clusters most of the sales job roles, across industries, based on the three-factor model:

  • What to sell

    Offering Complexity

  • How to sell

    (Sales Process Complexity)

  • Who to sell

    (Buyer Sophistication)

Key roles

  • Area/territory sales manager

  • Channel sales manager

  • Key Account Manager

  • InsideSalesperson

  • In-store salesperson (B2C sales)

  • Field salesperson

Languages Available

English (US)

English (US)

Perfect Sales Person Recipe

With Assessment Technology applied on primary and investigative research on a performance bell curve of employees, and strong secondary research from the subject matter and industry experts, following Competencies and Sub-Competencies have been found to influence one sales role or the other: