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Scientific Personality Tests For Selection And Organizational Development

Personality Assessments That Help You Measure Key Personality Traits Of Your Workforce

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What is a Personality Test?

A personality test is a tool to evaluate various aspects of one's personality. These tests are designed to elicit information about someone's thoughts, opinions, traits, motivations, behavioral tendencies, and values. Such tests can help recruiters assess psychological preferences in how candidates would react and perform in different situations, helping them gain valuable insights into the applicant's personality for hiring purposes.

Personality Tests To Assess The Full Spectrum of Personality Traits - From Positive Traits To Dark Traits

Human-PersonalityHuman Personality


Positive-Personality-TraitsPositive Personality Traits


Dark-Personality-TraitsDark Personality Traits

Positive Personality Traits:

Positive personality traits of employees enable organizations to maintain a positive culture, innovate, adapt and succeed

Examples: Curious, Organized, Compassionate

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Dark Personality Traits:

Dark personality traits are undesirable characteristics that negatively impact employees, organizations and clients

Examples: Self-Obsession, Insensitivity, Temperamental

Our Suite Of Personality Assessment Tools Enables Organizations To Assess Critical Behavioral Competencies For All Roles And Industries


Use A Wide Array Of Ready-To-Use Online Personality Test For All Your Requirements


Mercer | Mettl Personality Profiler

Mettl Personality Profiler (MPP) is a personality assessment tool based on the Big Five model of personality traits. It is suitable for assessing the personality traits and behavioral competencies of your senior employees.

Time-MPP20-25 minutes
Items-MPP86 items
Roles-MPPLeaders, Managers and Seniors

Type of Tool: Normative Psychometric Assessment

Scientific Theory: The Big Five model of personality traits

Scaling Method Used: Semantic differential scaling

Reliability (Cronbach Alpha): Median reliability is 0.74

Validity (Convergent): 0.4-0.75


Mercer | Mettl Personality Map

Mettl Personality Map (MPM) is our latest personality assessment tool that goes a step ahead of the Big Five model of personality traits by incorporating modern and newer traits relevant in the workplace. It is well-suited for assessing the personality traits and behavioral competencies of your leaders.

Time-MPP45 minutes
Items-MPP175 items

Type of Tool: Normative Psychometric Assessment

Scientific Theory: Mercer | Mettl's four-factor model (Self, People, Goal and Lead)

Scaling Method Used: Likert Scale

Reliability (Cronbach Alpha): Median reliability is .90

Validity: Convergent validity: .30-.51; Criterion-related validity: .25-.51


Mercer | Mettl Personality Inventory

Mettl Personality Inventory (MPI) is our personality assessment tool designed to assess the personality traits and behavioral competencies of junior employees and partners.

Time-MPP15-20 minutes
Items-MPP80 items
Roles-MPPJuniors, Blue collared employees and partners

Type of Tool: Normative Psychometric Assessment

Scientific Theory: The Big Five model of personality traits

Scaling Method Used: Likert Scale

Reliability (Cronbach Alpha): 0.63-0.73

Validity: 0.4-0.67


Mercer | Mettl Dark Personality Inventory

Mettl Dark Personality Inventory (MDPI) is designed in partnership with Society for Human Resource Management (SRHM) to assess the dark personality traits of your workforce and partners. The dark personality trait inventory contains six traits: Opportunism, Self-Obsession, Insensitivity, Temperamental, Impulsiveness and Thrill-Seeking.

Time-MPP20 minutes
Items-MPP80 items
Roles-MPPAll roles

Type of Tool: Normative psychometric assessment

Scientific Theory: Dark triad theory

Scaling Method Used: Likert Scaling

Validity (Convergent): 0.865

Reliability (Cronbach Alpha): Median reliability is 0.76

Our Personality Assessments Are Built Using Validated Scientific Theories And In-house Psychometric Expertise

The Quality Of Our Personality Tests Is Reflected In Their High Validity And Reliability Metrics

Mercer | Mettl psychometric assessments are a product of hard research and strong alignment to renown psychometric theories

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The Big Five Theory

A hierarchical organization of personality traits in terms of basic dimensions: Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, and Openness to Experience.

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Iceberg Model

Model for competencies that talks about the easy, limited information of education, experience, skills, and gut feel in combination with essence of person, motivations, thinking & cultural fit.

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Critical Thinking

A Critical Thinking Test designed to assess an individual's ability to digest & understand situations and information.

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Abstract Reasoning

A test used to measure abstract reasoning and regarded as a non-verbal test of reasoning.

Following Best Practice Guidelines

Our team members are part of SIOP (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology)- a premier membership organisation for those practising and teaching I-O psychology.








Normed on a sample of 10000+ respondents across different geographies - India, US, Europe, LAT-Am, Middle East, South Africa and South-East Asia (representative sample with different age, gender, job level, occupations).


Our Personality Assessment Test Enable You To Hire Quality Talent And Conduct Organizational Development Initiatives


Lateral Hiring

Hire the best and most experienced talent


Sales Hiring

Build high-performing sales teams


Blue-collar Hiring

Build a customer-centric blue-collar workforce

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Why Mercer | Mettl Assessments Are Best Suited For Your Organizational Needs


Expert Consultation

Our team of experts enables you to build the right assessment according to your unique competencies and industry requirements


Holistic Assessments

We assess personality traits, behavioral competencies, communication skills and technical skills


Fully Virtual Solution

Our assessments are conducted on our robust cloud-based platform, with best-in-class proctoring features


24*7 Support

We are here for you, always!


Scale & Experience

We work in 80+ countries, in 30+ languages, with the world's biggest brands

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

A personality assessment test is commonly used in the pre-employment assessment process to assess human personality constructs. Hence, a psychometric test for personality can help recruiters understand the characteristic pattern of behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs that candidates reveal in different situations. Simply put, a personality assessment is a tool employers use to identify candidates with personality traits best suited for a particular job/role. In addition, the personality assessment process can provide information about how the specific aspects of a candidate's personality will determine their workplace behavior.

As the name suggests, an employment personality test is designed to understand individuals' personality traits, behavioral tendencies, and preferences to determine whether they fit a particular role. For example, a leadership personality test interprets a candidate's competencies required for a leadership role. The personality traits test helps determine their work ethic, preferred working environment, inclination to work and how likely they are to efficiently address relevant work-related needs and issues.

Personality testing in the workplace is of paramount importance, whether it's about providing vital insights into hiring decisions or furnishing objective insights into employee training, development, career advancement, etc. Personality tests can help assess the complete spectrum of personality traits, from positive to dark characteristics, making them ideal tools for selection and organizational development. Personality tests are a surefire way to assess critical behavioral competencies for all roles across industries.

Personality tests expose candidates to a wide range of questions that tag them into specific 'types' based on their preferences, behavioral patterns, attitudes, etc. These tests provide a comprehensive view of a prospective hire that helps to understand where that candidate might be best placed in a company, how to address skill gaps in different teams, what leadership style senior executives might adopt to drive high team performance, etc. Therefore, the main objective of personality tests is to furnish actionable insights that help in making informed talent decisions.

Personality assessments can be classified into two types: trait-based personality assessments and type-based personality assessments. The Big Five personality test model is a popular trait-focused personality assessment model. Most of the modern personality assessments are based on this model. On the other hand, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a widely known type-focused personality assessment model commonly employed across many industries.