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Mettl 360View Sample Report

Our reports for 360 degree feedbacks make the creation of a personal development plan intuitive and easy.


Here’s a Peek into 360View’s Simple and Concise Report

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1. Who was Asked for Feedback

Shows how many people from each reviewer segment were invited to participate in the survey vs how many actually took part in it and completed the same. If the number of responses that were completed is less than the minimum number, then the validity of the report is reduced and needs to be considered in the light of other parameters.

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2. Your Competency Wise Ratings

Gives a summarized report of the scores that the 360 degree feedback yielded against each of the competencies and is shown reviewer group wise. There are two kinds of graphs. One indicates the rating given by self vs average ratings given by others competency wise. The second shows reviewer segment wise ratings for each competency separately.

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3. Top & Bottom Statements

This segment shows the statements where you have been given the highest rating to highlight what is being done well and those where you have been given the lowest rating to highlight what can be improved or done better. This section does not include ratings given by self.

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4. What Others Have to Say About You

We asked our reviewers what they would like to see you do differently or what you should stop doing. Comments given by each reviewer, segment wise are listed down here exactly as they were entered by the respondent. This is a great place to understand how you are perceived by people around you and fetch some constructive feedback.

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5. Personal Development Plan

Here is a table that can be used for recording your development needs and goals.You can fill this up on your own or along with your line manager basis the feedback you have received. Here you should specify the main development objectives which have been identified from your feedback report.


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