Codelysis:    Hire The Best Coder

 Codelysis:  Hire The Best Coder

A Robust Coding Simulator to Evaluate Hands-On Experience & Capability to Code in Desired Language


Reasons Why Recruiters & Candidates Admire Our Tech Recruiting Platform





Replicate an IDE & Automatically Evaluate Candidate’s Code on Various Parameters

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Either pick a test from our extensive programming Test Library , or create your own test, using your own questions or ours.


check plagiarism

Check Plagiarism

Detect code similarity, be it outright or partial, based on identical lines, code structure & other parameters via an automated system

We use combination of MOSS (Measure of Software Similarity) and our in-house string comparison algorithm to keep a check on plagiarism

code playback

Code Playback

We share the full video of code recorded at each keystroke to know the thought process of the candidate and to know how he/she actually executed the program

It is tightly integrated with the code editors like Emacs, Vims, and Sublime. Code Playback, basically shows you the video of the evolution of code at each compilation

custom scoring

Custom Scoring

We award points to each of the hidden and default test cases successfully passed on the basis of several parameters

These include code correctness, its difficulty level, time and space complexities, and other such key points

Based on all of these, a candidate is given a score which is considered as the benchmark for getting to the next level


A Robust and Realistic Online Coding Platform with Awesome Coding Challenges

easy to use interface

Easy-to-use Interface

Super user-friendly UI and easy-to-follow questions, making assessments experience all the more fun

Candidate is free to customise the editor as per convenience and choose the desired language for coding

step wise approach

Stepwise Approach

A systematic approach to solving problems

Overcome compilation errors

Handle issues in default cases

Pass each hidden test cases



An auto-complete feature that automatically recommends language-specific suggestions at certain syntax-points

It provides the ability and comfort to complete coding tasks being assigned to the candidates, by giving them context driven suggestions


Get Everything You Need to Know About Your Candidates Through our Customized & Comprehensive Reports


Understand Your Candidates

Get an automated detailed report of a candidate, including selected language, compilation attempts, error details, code complexities and the actual code.


Thorough Evaluation

Leverage the option to re-evaluate and manually re-grade the solution apart from the automated one.


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