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Key Business Benefits of Web-Based Computerized Exams on Mercer | Mettl's Platform

Lower Costs

Minimizes human, operational, infrastructure and logistical costs.

Time Saving

Saves time consumed in planning, coordination and result generation.

Wider Reach

Larger candidate pool with no geographical constraint.

More Secure

Auto invigilates each candidate, prevent content leaks and remove impersonation.

Key Features of Mettl's Platform

Used by the Most Technology Driven Institutes, Corporations and Certification Bodies Across the World


Exam Booking System

Register and manage large candidate pool via booking system.

Remotely Proctor Candidates

Monitor your candidates' screens live from the remotest locations.

Real Time Results

Access results in real time with data analytics.

Round-The-Clock Support

All-round support via email, chat and phone.

Construct Custom Workflows

For our IIMBx program, Mercer | Mettl's online system has helped preserve academic integrity & has allowed us to conduct exams with the same quality as in classrooms. As the value chain of the education systems gets disrupted by new technologies, Mettl is at a sweet spot for testing. I believe they are going to play an important role in the future of the education space.

P D Jose

Chair Digital Learning, MOOCs Initiative & Strategy at IIMB